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France vs Belgium 1-0 Latest highlights & All Goals Euro 2024



France vs Belgium 1-0 Latest highlights & All Goals Euro 2024

Big rivals and a big game in the round of 16 at this UEFA Euro 2024 between France vs Belgium 1-0 with freshman Ops going for the short one.

Mbappe nicely touched off and Mbappe had his first sight of goal performance in the drab nil-nil draw where they were a bit fortunate not to concede late on which would have seen them eliminated. K’s ball in and T’s header went wide.

Mbappe took a swipe at it still got it and found Griezmann. Player Mbappe kicked his feet and the ball found its way to Tchouameni who smashed it over the bar.

Mbappe and Tchouameni’s deflected shot led to a great save by the goalkeeper. A delivery by Griezmann was cleared away by De Bruyne, picked up by Jules Kounde who lifted it towards Thuram—a decent headed chance that wasn’t converted.

France vs Belgium 1-0 Latest highlights & All Goals Euro
France vs Belgium 1-0 Latest highlights & All Goals Euro 2024

Mbappe skipped away from Carrasco, taking what Nadz wanted instead. Mbappe, Hernandez to Mbappe, Carrasco—risky move. Kalani, Rabiot, and Griezmann went for it but Cast was always comfortable with it going wide.

Romelu Lukaku found a lovely pass for Mangala, but Mina managed to save his shot. Into Kolo Muani a lovely pass to find Kounde, which was then slightly behind Griezmann and Mbappe. Kevin De Bruyne and Cast couldn’t get to the rebound.

Kolo Muani scored giving France the lead with five minutes left to play. Muani’s strength was terrific and a deflection took it past the unlucky goalkeeper.

Kevin De Bruyne’s shoulders slumped knowing they didn’t have long to get back into it. There was a big element of fortune in this and that is brilliant. France are through to the quarterfinals having managed to see off their old enemies in a very tight affair.

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In a thrilling UEFA Euro round of 16 match France vs Belgium, France edged out their old rivals with a late goal from Kolo Muani, securing a 1-0 victory and advancing to the quarterfinals. Mbappe and Griezmann delivered standout performances, while Tchouameni’s near-miss and a series of close calls kept fans on the edge of their seats in this tightly contested affair.

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