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Top 6 Music Highlights From Deadhead Bill Walton to Flyt Tyme Legacy



Top 6 music highlights

Six Awesome Music Moments, Seen from Two Different Angles:

Toni Sauber from Rochester shared among top 6 music:

  1. Shady Cove released their self-titled album, perfect for chilling out in the summer. They’re also gearing up for “Shady Cove II,” which you can already pre-order. I saw them perform at First Avenue last November, and they blew me away.
  2. Marinero, a singer and songwriter from Los Angeles, is also releasing a new album called “La La La” in 2025. I’m really looking forward to it. His previous album, “Hella Love,” is all about moving on from love. Just put on his music and let yourself relax and sway along.
  3. Madeleine Peyroux, a jazz singer, will be performing at the Dakota on October 24th and 25th. I love listening to her album “Secular Hymns” on vinyl.

Jon Bream, a critic from the Star Tribune, had this to say from top 6 music:

  1. Remembering Bill Walton: Bill Walton, a famous basketball player and commentator, passed away on May 27. While, he was a huge fan of the Grateful Dead and attended over 850 of their concerts. Even in his broadcasts, he often talked about the band. Dead & Company paid tribute to him at their concert on May 30 in Las Vegas. A critic from the San Diego Union-Tribune, George Varga, shared stories about Walton’s love for music. In a 1992 interview, Walton compared the excitement of Dead concerts to playing basketball, saying they both have constant energy and creativity.
  2. “Tales From the Northside: Stories of Flyt Tyme” at the Capri Theater: This event was a special opportunity to learn about the history of the Minneapolis band Flyt Tyme, later known as Flyte Time and The Time. Members like Jellybean Johnson and Cynthia Johnson shared stories. Mayor Jacob Frey talked about the impact of Minneapolis music. There were also performances by local artists and discussions about music education for young people.
  3. Joyann Parker’s St. Paul Yard Concert Despite rainy weather, singer songwriter Joyann Parker put on a brave performance in St. Paul. She debuted some new songs, including a country gospel track called “Starting Line.” Her guitarist, Mark Lemoine, showed incredible strength, performing with a back brace and neck stabilizer after a recent accident.
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