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Eminem Houdini Video Surprise Cameos by Pete Davidson, Snoop Dogg, and Shane Gillis



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Eminem whose real name is Marshall Mathers just put out a video for his new song Houdini. So, this song is the first one from his upcoming album called The Death of Slim Shady (Coup de Grace). The video is full of famous people which making appearances like Snoop Dogg, Shane Gillis, and Pete Davidson.

The song Houdini samples a popular tune from the Steve Miller Band called Abracadabra. Which was a hit back in 1982. Its like Eminem is giving a nod to his old video from 2002 Without Me in this new song. While, it starts with the exact same lyrics Guess who’s back, back again/Shady’s back, tell a friend. If you were a millennial which hearing these lines might bring back some strong memories like waking up a secret agent.

In the Eminem Houdini video you can see Slim Shady from 2002 with his bleach blond hair walking through a magical portal. That takes him to the year 2024. While, he looks around the city and seems surprised by all the new technology. Which is like selfie sticks and VR headsets. Its like he was exploring a whole new world and finding it a bit overwhelming.

Dr. Dre who was the first person to sign Eminem back in 1998 and appeared in the original Without Me video gives a call to Eminem in 2024. He tells Eminem Hey we have got a problem. Come down here and check this out. Its like a friend reaching out for help in a serious situation.


In the video there are parts where comic book style panels show up. You can see some well known people like 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg. Who was also a coach on The Voice. They were shown singing along to the catchy chorus Guess who’s back? Its like watching a comic book come to life with famous singers joining in on the song.

Eminem realizes that it’s time to bring out his superhero alter-ego, Rapboy. He quickly puts on some tight spandex and meets up with Dr. Dre. The two of them start cruising around the city, looking for Slim Shady. Even in 2024, Slim Shady still doesn’t seem impressed with how things have changed.

At one point, he even interrupts a podcast recording with Shane Gillis and makes a mess of the studio because he’s so annoyed. It’s like watching a superhero team-up adventure unfold in the middle of a chaotic cityscape.

Rapboy and the Slim Shady from 2002 finally meet face-to-face on a rooftop, ready for an epic fight. They start throwing punches at each other, but something unexpected happens. Instead of continuing to fight, they merge together, becoming some strange combination of both of them.


Now, there’s just one of them left, but it’s like they’re a mix of both Rapboy and Slim Shady. As the battle ends, the present-day Eminem emerges, but with his hair bleached blond, just like in 2002. The video even shows other people in the city getting their hair dyed blond, like Eminem’s look is spreading to everyone around him. It’s a wild transformation that changes everything.

Eminem and Pete Davidson Join Forces Again in ‘Houdini’ Music Video Reunion

Eminem comes back to join Dr. Dre in their car, but things take a turn when Eminem starts rapping insults. He directs these insults at Dre, James Iovine, who used to work with them in the music industry, and even at his own kids.

Eventually, Dr. Dre decides to leave the car. It’s like watching a tense moment unfold between old friends, with emotions running high.

Eminem finds himself without a driver for a moment, but then a surprise cameo happens. Pete Davidson, who appears with bleached-blond hair like the other Slim Shady look-alikes, steps in to take over the wheel. It’s like a final unexpected twist in the video, adding to the fun and surprise of the whole story.


“Don’t worry, I’m a fantastic driver. I just got my license back,” Davidson reassures Eminem as he takes the driver’s seat. The video concludes with Eminem and Davidson driving off into the city streets.

However, their journey isn’t smooth sailing as they bump into cars along the way, disappearing into the darkness of the night. It’s like a wild ride to end the video, leaving viewers with an exciting and slightly chaotic finale.

Perhaps this is Bupkis star’s way of getting back at Eminem for crashing his last episode of Saturday Night Live. Eminem might be pleading with Davidson to “please stop” doing his parodies of him.

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