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Actor Nick Pasqual Arrested for Stabbing Ex-girlfriend



Nick Pasqual arrested for stabbing his girlfriend

Hollywood actor Nick Pasqual has charged with attempted murder after he allegedly stabbed his ex girlfriend multiple times. Nick Pasqual arrested at the US Mexico border following the incident.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney Office announced on Wednesday. That 34 year old Nick Pasqual has charged with several serious crimes so Nick Pasqual arrested.

These include one count of attempted murder one count of first degree residential burglary. While a person was present and one count of injuring as a spouse, cohabitant, fiance, boyfriend, girlfriend or the parent of a child. According to officials if Pasqual found guilty of all these charges he could sentenced to life in prison.

The District Attorney’s office did not name the victim. But according to Entertainment Tonight. Nick Pasqual accused of stabbing makeup artist Allie Shehorn. So, GoFundMe campaign has started to help pay for Shehorn medical expenses.


According to a news release from the District Attorney office Nick Pasqual allegedly broke into his ex girlfriend home and due to this act Nick Pasqual arrested. Which located in Los Angeles at around 4:30 am in the morning on May 23. Once inside he reportedly stabbed her multiple times.

Shehorn Ex-girlfriend of Nick Pasqual which is arrested.
Shehorn Ex-girlfriend of Nick Pasqual which is arrested.

The victim identified by entertainment Tonight as makeup artist Allie Shehorn had recently filed a restraining order against Pasqual. Due to the attack Shehorn hospitalized with critical injuries.

The GoFundMe campaign which mentioned that makeup artist Allie Shehorn was fighting for her life after being hospitalized. Shehorn spent several days in the intensive care unit and which has undergone multiple surgeries.

One of the surgeries was to repair severed tendons in her right arm and an other was to close wounds at her neck. The fundraiser highlights that the severity of her injuries and the extensive medical care she has needed.

The GoFundMe page states No one deserves to endure such a traumatic experience. Which especially someone as compassionate and caring as Allie. The page emphasizes the shock and unfairness of the attack. Which highlighting Allie Shehorn kind and caring nature.


It underscores the sentiment that someone as good hearted as Allie should never have to go through such a horrifying ordeal.

After the stabbing Nick Pasqual allegedly fled the city. The authorities issued an arrest warrant for him. He eventually detained at a US Mexico border checkpoint in Texas. According to the District Attorney’s office. This indicates that Pasqual attempted to leave the country. But caught by border officials before he could cross into Mexico.

According to officials Nick Pasqual will brought back to Los Angeles to face the charges against him.

However as of now no date has set for his arraignment as mentioned by the district attorneys office. This means that the court has not yet scheduled a formal hearing for Pasqual to respond to the charges.


Additionally the Los Angeles Police department is still actively investigating the case. This indicates that authorities are diligently working together more information and evidence related to the incident. The ongoing investigation suggests that efforts to uncover the full truth and ensure justice are underway.

According to Entertainment Tonight Allie Shehorn has worked as a makeup artist on various projects. Which including Rebel Moon Part 1, Mean Girls and Babylon. This indicates that she has contributed her skills to several well known productions within the entertainment industry.

On the other hand Nick Pasqual as per his IMDb page has appeared in Rebel Moon Part 1. While Along with roles in popular shows like How I Met Your Mother and Archive 81. This suggests that Pasqual has involved in acting across also different platforms which including television and film.

District Attorney George Gascon expressed his sympathy for the victim in a news released. Which stating My thoughts and heartfelt sympathies are with the victim in this horrific incident. He added that his office including the Bureau of Victim Services. Which is ready to offer support and resources to help the victim through the challenging process of healing from both the physical and emotional trauma she has endured.


Gascon emphasized that the incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of domestic violence. He assured that they would ensure the person also responsible for this terrible act held accountable for their actions. This indicates the commitment of the authorities to seek justice and support victims of such violence.