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Portugal vs Slovenia 0 – 0 Highlights 3 – 0 Penalties round of 16 Euro 2024



Portugal vs Slovenia 0 - 0 Highlights 3 - 0 Penalties round of 16 Euro 2024

Portugal vs Slovenia 0 – 0 Highlights 3 – 0 Penalties round of 16 Euro 2024. After watching the latter stages of countless tournaments either at home or on their way home, this is Slovenia’s home for at least the next 90 minutes. This is where they belong.

Ronaldo, Silva, Ronaldo, and Fernandez made the connections but couldn’t divert the goal. Ronaldo looped it up, but Oblak was quick to catch it in the end. Raphael Leão continued to push forward but didn’t get the ball there.

Ronaldo’s attempt was traveling, while Bernardo Silva and João Cancelo performed brilliantly with Cancelo managing to get away and continue the run. However, Bernardo Silva’s shot went over the top.

Portugal, the only team in European Championship history to draw all their games and still advance, managed to win the trophy in 2016. Sha fed it to Ronaldo, who had his moment, and then Sha, fresh-legged, ran strongly.


A loose ball led to a penalty for Portugal, with Ronaldo standing over the spot. Oblak made a remarkable save. Pepe made a mistake, presenting the ball to Šeško, but Diogo Costa stopped it. As the final whistle blew, it went to penalties.

Iličić’s shot was saved by Costa, putting Portugal on the front foot. Ronaldo scored confidently. Costa saved another shot, securing Portugal’s advancement to the quarterfinals. Despite making it tough for themselves, Portugal emerged victorious.

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Who scored penalties for Portugal vs. Slovenia?

Ronaldo recovered to score Portugal’s first goal, and Diogo Costa saved all three spot-kicks he faced. Manchester City’s Bernardo Silva then scored the winning penalty, securing Portugal’s advancement.


Is Portugal still in the Euro 2024?

Portugal beat Slovenia 3-0 on penalties to reach the quarterfinals of Euro 2024, after their last-16 tie ended 0-0 following extra time at Frankfurt Arena.

Who is the Portugal goalkeeper?

FRANKFURT, Germany: Portugal goalkeeper Diogo Costa was overwhelmed after saving all three penalties in a 3-0 shootout win against Slovenia, securing a place in the quarterfinals of Euro 2024.

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