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England and Slovakia Sizing Up Their Formations Euro 2024



The recent Euro 2024 match between England and Slovakia saw two distinct tactical approaches collide on the pitch. Here’s a breakdown of the team formations employed by both sides:

England (4-2-3-1 formation):

Gareth Southgate opted for a 4-2-3-1 formation, prioritizing a strong defensive foundation with two holding midfielders (Rice and Mainoo) shielding the backline.

The fullbacks (Trippier and Walker) were expected to push high and provide width in attack, while the creative trio of Saka, Foden and Bellingham were tasked with supplying chances for the lone striker, Harry Kane.

England national football team’s starting lineup for a match Euro 2024 game. It shows the players separated into substitutes and starters, with their jersey numbers and positions listed.

England (4-2-3-1 formation)
England (4-2-3-1 formation)

Starting lineup (4-2-3-1 formation)

  1. Goalkeeper: Pickford (1)
  2. Defenders: Trippier (2), Stones (5), Guehi (6), Walker (22)
  3. Midfielders: Rice (4), Mainoo (18)
  4. Forwards: Saka (7), Bellingham (10), Foden (11), Kane (9)


  • Goalkeepers: Ramsdale (13), Henderson (23)
  • Defenders: Alexander-Arnold (8), Konsa (14), Dunk (15), Shaw (3)
  • Midfielders: Gallagher (16)
  • Forwards: Toney (17), Gordon (18), Watkins (19), Bowen (20), Eze (21), Palmer (24), Wharton (25)

Slovakia (4-1-4-1 formation):

Slovakia countered with a 4-1-4-1 formation, offering a more compact midfield with a single pivot (Lobotka) sitting in front of the defense. The wide midfielders (Duda and Haraslín) were tasked with supporting the lone striker (Strelec) up front. While the fullbacks (Pekarík and Hancko) aimed to provide defensive solidity.

Slovakia (4-1-4-1 formation)
Slovakia (4-1-4-1 formation)

starting lineup for the Slovakia national football team in a match, possibly a Euro 2024 game. It shows the players separated into substitutes and starters, with their jersey numbers and positions listed.

Starting lineup (4-3-3 formation)

  • Goalkeeper: Dúbravka (1)
  • Defenders: Pekarík (2), Škriniar (3), Vavro (4), Hancko (5)
  • Midfielders: Kucka (6), Lobotka (10), Duda (11)
  • Forwards: Schranz (7), Haraslín (18), Strelec (22)


  • Goalkeepers: Rodák (12), Leško (24)
  • Defenders: Gyömbér (6), Brežinský (13), Chatríc (16), De Marco (15)
  • Midfielders: Hrošovský (8), Bénes (11), Rusnák (17)
  • Forwards: Rago (9), Boženík (19), Tupta (20), Ďuriš (21), Kóša (25)

Breaking Down the Formations England and Slovakia

England’s Approach:

Southgate’s formation aimed to control the midfield through Rice and Mainoo, allowing the wingers (Saka and Foden) to exploit space on the flanks.

The presence of Bellingham as a number 10 added an attacking threat through the center, with his dribbling and passing ability creating opportunities for Kane.

Slovakia’s Strategy:

Slovakia’s formation focused on frustrating England’s attack with a congested midfield and a compact defense.

Lobotka’s role was crucial in breaking up England’s play and initiating counter-attacks through the pace of Duda and Haraslín on the flanks.

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The contrasting formations resulted in an interesting tactical battle. England dominated possession but struggled to break down Slovakia’s deep defense. Slovakia, on the other hand, had limited opportunities but threatened on the counter-attack. Ultimately, England’s individual quality shone through, with a goal from Kane securing a narrow victory.

What do you think? Which formation is more effective in today’s football? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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