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Ex Glamour Model Says Party with England Team Before Euros



Carla Bellucci with star

Carla Bellucci often called Britain’s most hated woman says she partied with England football team when she was a glamour model. Bellucci who used to pose for men’s magazines shared that she had a wild alcohol-filled night with the national team.

This happened in the same year England eliminated by Italy on penalties during Euro 2012.

Carla Bellucci a mother of four and now an influencer posted a photo with former Chelsea defender John Terry. The picture taken inside the Tiger Tiger nightclub in London.

Carla Bellucci claimed that footballers used to party more freely because social media was not as big a threat to their privacy back then. The 42 year old reminisced with the daily star saying, I used to party with all the big footballers and it was absolute chaos.


The footballers were amazing. I remember cheering and having a great time with John Terry. He was talkative enjoying himself and was a very funny and genuine guy.

I was a glamour model back then and I think footballers could easily spot us in a crowd. We always ended up at their tables with thousands of pounds spent. I remember thinking How do people have this much money to spend? I amazed at how hard they partied.

Carla from Hitchin, Herts, previously shared that she felt empowered and positive about her past career especially after the surprise reboot of Loaded magazine. As a single mum modeling helped her support her family. However her reputation suffered when she got a free NHS nose job by pretending to have depression.

Controversy and Past Glamour Days:

This incident led to her being called Britain’s most hated woman. She later admitted she was wrong for doing it especially after almost dying during childbirth. When asked if she missed partying with rich and famous footballers. She said, “It was a different time and I have some crazy stories to tell my kids.”


I did love it but I think times have changed. I don’t think footballers party like they used to. It’s all about social media now. These young girls are boring and only after their own fame. We glamour models were just out for a good time and that’s what it was all about.

Carla praised the current England squad for their professionalism and expressed confidence that they will win Euro 2024 this summer. Despite this she did mention her belief that Gareth Southgate should have been replaced already. However she hopes that the talent of Phil Foden will be enough to lead the Three Lions to victory.

Despite predicting success for England team in Euro 2024 Carla believes the current squad would not have the freedom to party as they might have in the past.

She concluded, social media has changed their partying habits completely. They can not do what we did in the past anymore because everyone would know about it before the night was over. Back then we just had to watch out for paparazzi.

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