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Margate Mayor Extends Apology to Jason and Kylie Kelce Over Disrupted Date Night



Margate Mayor in the corner. Jason & Kylie Kelce

The mayor of a town in Atlantic County said sorry to Jason Kelce a famous player for the Philadelphia Eagles and his wife Kylie Kelce. This happened due to a video that many people saw online. The video showed a woman talking loudly and being mean to Kylie.

Margate City Mayor Michael Collins wrote a message on Facebook for apologize to Jason and Kylie Kelce. He said sorry for what happened to them in Margate City during the holiday weekend.

The mayor mentioned that he understands that how important it is for parents to have a night out with their spouse like Jason and Kylie did. He offered to make up for it by treating them to dinner.

A famous podcast based in Philly called WTTW Podcast shared a video on Instagram on Tuesday. The video showed a woman shouting at Kylie Kelce while Jason Kelce watched. In the video the woman said, You will never be allowed in this town again.


The video clip is short and does not show what happened before the argument. It only lasts a few seconds.

Hugh E. Dillon, who runs the blog Philly Chit Chat said that the argument happened. When Kylie and Jason Kelce were in Sea Isle, New Jersey for Memorial Day weekend. They were on their way to the restaurant called Steve & Cookies in Margate on Saturday night.

Letter of Apologies.
Letter of Apologies.

Dillon posted on X, which used to be called Twitter that a woman asked Kylie Kelce for a photo while they were out. Kylie told her she was on a date with her husband. But the woman kept insisting and started yelling at Kylie.

Dillon mentioned that despite the incident Kylie and Jason went into the restaurant and had a good time for the rest of the night.

Do not mess with Kylie Kelce I heard the video might be on TV soon. Kylie and Jason Kelce do not have to do anything for anyone. They were nice to people at the beach over the weekend. But if they were having a date night leave them alone.


Someone asked for a photo and Kylie politely explained they were on a date. But the woman kept insisting and Kylie stood her ground. When the woman started yelling Kylie did not hesitate to respond. Eventually Kylie and Jason went into the restaurant and had a good time for the rest of the night.

The interesting part of the video is that Jason just stood back and let Kylie handle the situation. Kylie showed her strength by shutting down the woman. Credit goes to Kylie for speaking her mind and then calmly walking into the restaurant.

The Kelces love Sea Isle City and often spend Memorial Day weekend there. Jason the retired Philadelphia Eagles star, has even bartended at the Ocean Drive to raise money for charity in the past. He mentioned on Wednesday that he will be bartending there again on June 26th.

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