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Hansi Flick confident of getting to Joao Felix at Barcelona



Hansi Flick confident for Joao Felix

Despite Joao Felix’s contract with Barcelona coming to an end tomorrow, there’s a strong desire within the club to retain him. The newly appointed Barcelona coach, Hansi Flick, has personally communicated to Joao Felix that he envisions him remaining at Camp Nou for at least another season.

This indicates a clear intention from Barcelona to continue their relationship with the talented player, despite the contract expiration looming.

Taking into account these factors, Barcelona is said to be in discussions with Atletico Madrid and Jorge Mendes to prolong Joao Felix’s loan for another season.

However, Felix’s inconsistent performances this past season, along with his current struggles in Euro 2024, have raised concerns that he might struggle if he stays at Barcelona next season.


Hansi Flick is confident for Joao Felix:

Despite concerns about his recent performances, SPORT reports that Hansi Flick is optimistic about bringing out the best in Joao Felix next season.

It’s no mystery that Hansi Flick holds Joao Felix in excessive regard. Reports suggest that Flick’s admiration for the forward is enormous sufficient that he actively pursued signing him all through his tenure at Bayern Munich.

Now at Barcelona, Hansi Flick will have the opportunity to work closely with Joao Felix, the former Benfica star who showcased his skills by scoring ten goals in the last season.

Looking back at his career trajectory, Joao Felix has encountered difficulties in earning trust since his departure from SL Benfica. During his time at Atletico Madrid, he struggled to become one of Diego Simeone’s favored players.


Even closing summer, while Xavi was in rate at Barcelona, there was little interest in signing him, underscoring the demanding situations he has faced in securing a solid position at top golf equipment.

Under Flick’s guidance, there’s potential for a shift. The German coach sees Felix as a player capable of influencing the game significantly in the attacking zones.

Flick is enthusiastic about tapping into the vast potential of the Portuguese international. Recognizing Felix’s versatility and impact in the final third, Flick sees him as a crucial asset for Barcelona.

With the team seeking bolstered options in attack, Felix’s ability to excel in multiple offensive roles could prove pivotal in enhancing Barcelona’s squad depth and competitiveness in upcoming seasons.

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