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England vs Switzerland 5-3 Full Penalty Shootout Euro 2024



England vs Switzerland 5-3 Full Penalty Shootout Euro 2024

We are pausing our buildup between the Netherlands and Turkey very momentarily because England and Switzerland have gone to penalties. We will keep you updated with exactly what is happening right now.

First penalty:

Cole Palmer is walking up to take the first penalty of this shootout for a place in the semi-finals. Gary, what must he be feeling? You’ve been involved in six penalty shootouts and lost five. How nerve-wracking is it? I know you didn’t take one but it must be intense.

The nerves are incredible. You feel for Palmer; it’s a huge pressure moment. He’s composed and has a great temperament. You also think about the families, the wives, the partners, and the parents in the crowd.

Palmer has scored nine out of nine in the Premier League, so he’s likely feeling confident. Here he goes, stepping up… and he scores! England are off to a good start, no doubt. Palmer looks so calm, a great decision to bring him on.


Julian, what about you? I know taking penalties wasn’t your favorite. Yeah, it was the walk to the penalty spot that got to me, not the technique. The pressure England must be feeling now is immense. They’ve had a tough tournament. Gary, what do you think they’re feeling in terms of confidence?

I feel sick, honestly. You’re looking up to the sky and hoping. Jordan Pickford hasn’t had much to do so far in the tournament, but this is his moment. He’s trying mind games, probably remembering Switzerland’s last shootout against Spain where they missed. Oh, yes! Pickford saves it! A great start for England. The Swiss player’s run-up was too short, and Jordan read him well.

Second penalty:

Now, Jude Bellingham is stepping up for England’s second penalty. They’re leading 1-0. The referee is taking his time, adding to the tension. Bellingham runs up… and scores! Calmly placed to the keeper’s left. It’s a composed, focused celebration from Jude. Sommer, the Swiss goalkeeper, is top-notch, but Jude made it look easy.

Fabian Schär is up next for Switzerland. There’s talk about whether your best penalty takers should go first. Schär steps up and scores. It’s always tough for defenders, but he handled it well. England’s team looks tense, and Pickford is trying to keep his focus. Now it’s Bukayo Saka’s turn. He missed a crucial penalty in the last Euros, but he’s been strong in this game.


Saka steps up, and you can see the determination. He scores! A beautiful smile follows, showing relief and confidence. The fan park behind us erupts, but we must stay grounded. There’s still a way to go. Switzerland’s next player is up, and it’s crucial he scores to keep them in the game.

The Swiss player scores, but just barely past Pickford. It was powerful, and although Pickford got close, it slipped through. Next up for England is Kieran Trippier. He’s missed only two penalties in his career, a reliable figure. He walks up confidently and scores! England are maintaining their lead.

It’s now down to Switzerland again. If they miss, England wins. The pressure is palpable. Switzerland scores, keeping their hopes alive.

Now, Trent Alexander-Arnold steps up for England. A big moment for him. He places the ball, takes a deep breath, and scores! England wins the penalty shootout against Switzerland and moves through to the semifinals of the Euros.

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