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Travis Kelce Stuns NFL, Signs Mega 2-Year Extension with Chiefs



Kansas City Chiefs make a 2 years extension for Travis Kelce.

On Monday, the Kansas City Chiefs, the team that won the Super Bowl, signed Travis Kelce to a new contract. This contract is an extension, which means it adds more time to his current deal. Travis Kelce plays as a tight end for the Chiefs, and he’s really good at it. Same, today another NFL players cheers his fans with a tragic news.

The new contract is for two years. That means Kelce will stay with the Chiefs for two more years than he would have otherwise. General manager Brett Veach said that with this new deal, Kelce will be the highest-paid tight end in the whole NFL. That means he will make more money than any other tight end.

This contract keeps Kelce with the Chiefs until the year 2027. So, he will be playing for them for quite a while longer.

It’s good news for both Kelce and the Chiefs because they get to keep working together. It’s also a big deal because Kelce is a key player for the team, and now they have him locked in for several more seasons.


In 2020, Travis Kelce, the talented tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, signed a big contract extension. This extension was for four years and worth $57.25 million. That’s a lot of money, but it shows how valuable Kelce is to the team. Before that, in 2016, he had signed another deal for five years, which was worth $46 million. So, he’s been with the Chiefs for a while and has been getting paid well for his skills.

Now, this new extension, announced recently, adds even more time to Kelce’s stay with the Chiefs. It’s a big deal because it means he’ll be with the team until he’s 38 years old. That’s quite a commitment from both sides. It shows that the Chiefs really value Kelce’s contributions and want to keep him around for as long as possible.

Travis Kelce celebrates with Taylor Swift after the Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl on Feb. 11 in Las Vegas.
Travis Kelce celebrates with Taylor Swift after the Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl on Feb. 11 in Las Vegas.

It’s also worth mentioning that Kelce is already 34 years old. In football terms, that’s getting up there in age. But he’s still performing at a high level, which is why the Chiefs are willing to invest in him for several more years. Keeping him on the team provides stability and leadership, which are crucial for a successful football team.

Overall, this new contract extension is a win-win situation. Kelce gets to stay with the team he loves, and the Chiefs get to keep one of the best tight ends in the league for the foreseeable future.

During the announcement of Travis Kelce’s latest contract extension, General Manager Brett Veach didn’t get into the specifics of the money part. He didn’t break down exactly how much Kelce would be making in this new deal. But what he did emphasize was that it was really important for them to “adjust his contract.” Essentially, they wanted to make sure Kelce was getting paid what he deserved.


Veach made it clear that making Kelce the highest paid tight end in the league for the next two years was a priority for them.

Speaking to local reporters over Zoom, Veach expressed just how much Kelce means to the Chiefs organization and the city itself. He used words like “special” and “arguably one of the greatest tight ends to ever do it” to describe Kelce’s significance.

This shows that Kelce isn’t just valuable for his on field performance. But also for what he brings to the team’s culture and identity.

It’s evident that the Chiefs hold Kelce in high regard. It is not just as a player but as a symbol of their success and aspirations. By prioritizing his contract and making him the highest paid tight end. They’re not only rewarding his talent but also solidifying his place in Chiefs history.


It’s a moment of celebration for both Kelce and the organization. It’s marking a continued partnership that’s been instrumental in the team’s achievements.

Travis Kelce’s journey with the Kansas City Chiefs started back in 2013. When they picked him in the third round of the NFL draft. Since then, he’s become a standout player for the team, setting records and making a name for himself as one of the best tight ends in the league.

One impressive feat is that Kelce holds the Chiefs’ career record for receiving yards, with a whopping 11,328 yards under his belt. That’s quite the achievement and speaks to his consistency and skill as a receiver.

He’s also on the brink of breaking more records. With just eight more catches, he’ll surpass Hall of Fame tight end Tony Gonzalez for the most receptions in franchise history. Additionally, he’s only three touchdown catches away from claiming the top spot on the Chiefs’ all time touchdown list, currently held by Gonzalez.


Kelce’s impact isn’t just about numbers, though. On the field, he’s widely regarded as one of the premier tight ends in the game. His combination of size, speed, and catching ability makes him a nightmare for opposing defenses to handle. He’s a key weapon in the Chiefs’ offense and has played a significant role in their success in recent years.

Despite his stellar performance, Kelce faced some challenges last season. A knee injury sidelined him for the season opener. He sat out the regular season finale as the Chiefs had already secured their playoff seeding.

Missing those two games meant he fell short of extending his streak of 1,000-yard seasons to eight. Nonetheless, he still put up impressive numbers, finishing with 984 yards on 93 catches and five touchdown receptions.

Kelce’s journey is a testament to his talent, hard work, and resilience. As he continues to make his mark on the field. He solidifies his place as one of the all-time greats in Chiefs history.

Travis Kelce during pregame warmups at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo., on Nov. 6, 2022.
Travis Kelce during pregame warmups at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo., on Nov. 6, 2022.

During the postseason, Travis Kelce showed why he’s considered one of the best tight ends in the NFL by elevating his performance when it mattered most.

In the wild-card game against Miami, which was played in freezing temperatures. Kelce was a key contributor, making seven catches for 71 yards. Despite the harsh conditions, he proved his reliability as a target for Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

In the divisional round matchup against Buffalo. Kelce stepped up once again, recording five catches for 75 yards and scoring two touchdowns. His ability to find the end zone in crucial moments helped propel the Chiefs to victory and advance them further in the playoffs.

The AFC Championship game in Baltimore saw Kelce deliver yet another impressive performance. He hauled in 11 catches for 116 yards and scored a touchdown. It is showcasing his knack for making big plays in important games.

Finally, in the Super Bowl showdown against San Francisco, Kelce saved one of his best performances for last. He caught nine passes for 93 yards, helping the Chiefs secure the victory and claim the title of Super Bowl champions.


Throughout the postseason journey, Kelce not only made significant contributions on the field. But also showed his dedication to the game. Despite rumors swirling about retirement, Kelce made it clear. That he had no intentions of hanging up his cleats anytime soon. In his own words, he expressed his love for football and his unwavering commitment to continue playing at the highest level.

Kelce’s postseason heroics not only solidified his legacy as one of the premier players in the league. But also played a vital role in the Chiefs’ championship run. His clutch performances under pressure demonstrated why he’s considered a cornerstone of the team’s success.

Brett Veach, the General Manager of the Chiefs, recognized the rarity of athletes playing at a high level into their 30s. He admitted that it’s not common for players to maintain their performance as they get older. But he also acknowledged that there are exceptions. In Veach’s view, Travis Kelce is one of those exceptions. A rare breed of player who defies the odds and continues to excel despite his age. Kelce has consistently proven himself on the field and has shown no signs of slowing down, according to Veach.

The decision to extend Kelce’s contract comes shortly after the Chiefs made other key moves to solidify their leadership. Just a week prior, the team announced contract extensions for Veach himself, head coach Andy Reid, and team president Mark Donovan. While the exact duration of these deals not disclosed. That they will keep these pivotal figures within the Chiefs organization through at least the 2029 season.


By securing the services of Veach, Reid, and Donovan alongside Kelce. The Chiefs are ensuring continuity and stability within their leadership structure. This cohesion is vital for the team’s continue success. Also providing a strong foundation for future endeavors on and off the field.

With these extensions in place, the Chiefs can focus on building upon their achievements and striving for even greater heights in the years to come.

Travis Kelce shares a strong bond with quarterback Patrick Mahomes, whom he considers one of his closest friends. Mahomes, widely regarded as one of the top quarterbacks in the league. He has already secured his future with the Chiefs through the 2031 season. This long term commitment from Mahomes provides stability and confidence for the Chiefs, knowing they have a franchise quarterback locked in for the foreseeable future.

Additionally, the Chiefs recently secured All-Pro defensive tackle Chris Jones with a lucrative five-year, $158.75 million deal in March. Jones is a crucial piece of the team’s defensive core, and his contract extension further solidifies the Chiefs’ commitment to maintaining a strong roster on both sides of the ball.


In light of these significant contract extensions for Mahomes and Jones, General Manager Brett Veach emphasized the importance of rewarding Kelce for his exceptional performance on the field.

Kelce has consistently been a standout player for the Chiefs and is widely regarded as one of the best tight ends in the NFL. By extending Kelce’s contract, the Chiefs not only recognize his contributions but also ensure that their key offensive weapons remain intact for the long term.

Moreover, Veach highlighted the upcoming contract situations of several young players on the team. As these players continue to develop and showcase their talents, they will become eligible for contract extensions in the next couple of years. By addressing Kelce’s long term contract now, the Chiefs can focus on managing their salary cap effectively and securing the futures of other key players on the roster.

Overall, Kelce’s contract extension is not only a testament to his outstanding play but also a strategic move by the Chiefs to maintain stability and continuity within their roster. With Mahomes, Jones, and Kelce forming a formidable trio of core players, the Chiefs are well positioned to compete at the highest level for years to come.

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