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Euphoria Unleashed: Kendrick Lamar ‘s Epic Drake Diss Track



Kendrick Lamar. Photo By: Arslan Aslam

Get ready to sit back and enjoy the show, because Kendrick Lamar is back in action. Known as K. Dot, he came back with a bang on Tuesday, April 30, releasing a blistering track titled “Euphoria.” And who’s the target of his lyrical assault? None other than Drake.

Lamar didn’t hold back, delivering scathing verses that cut deep. So, grab your popcorn and get ready for some intense rap rivalry.

Early in the day, Kendrick Lamar, the artist from Compton, dropped his diss track aimed straight at Drake on his YouTube channel. Titled “Euphoria,” this track seems to pack a heavy punch, aiming to land a knockout blow.

It’s worth noting that Drake is an executive producer of an HBO show also called “Euphoria.” Which adding an interesting layer to the feud. This track serves as Kendrick’s official response to Drake’s own track, “Push Ups,” setting the stage for a heated exchange between the two artists.


Kendrick Lamar didn’t hold back in his attack on Drake. So, referring to him as a “degenerate” and a “scam artist,” among other choice words. Kendrick’s delivery in the track had more of a spoken word style initially. But as the song progresses, the intensity ramps up.

Around the one minute mark, horns kick in, cranking up the energy. While, adding to the overall intensity of the track. It’s clear that Kendrick means business and isn’t pulling any punches in his verbal assault on Drake.

Continuing his lyrical assault, Kendrick Lamar shifts his attention to Drake’s infamous feud with Pusha T back in 2018. This feud reached a boiling point when Pusha T dropped “The Story of Adidon,” in which he revealed that Drake had a son named Adonis. Kendrick doesn’t shy away from addressing this pivotal moment in their rivalry.

By referencing the revealing of Drake’s son, Adonis, Kendrick adds. Another layer of depth to his dissection of Drake’s character and personal life. It’s a reminder that in the world of rap battles, nothing is off limits. Kendrick is making sure to hit Drake where it hurts the most.


In his rap verse, Kendrick Lamar doesn’t mince words, asserting his dominance and addressing his fellow rappers, J. Cole and Drake (referred to as Aubrey). He acknowledges his own selfish tendencies. Which implying that he’s aware of the weight of being at the top of the rap game. Lamar expresses a hope that Cole and Drake are true friends. As indicated by his mention of YNW Melly, a rapper facing legal troubles.

Lamar then shifts gears, referencing a conflict involving Pharrell Williams, indicating his willingness to inherit any beef on Pharrell’s behalf. So, he dismisses the idea of engaging in petty conflicts, preferring to focus on more significant challenges.

Addressing Pusha T directly, Lamar challenges him to come at him instead of engaging in indirect jabs. He compares himself to Terence Crawford, a renowned boxer, suggesting he’s more than capable of handling any confrontation. So, this verse showcases Lamar’s confidence and readiness to defend his position in the rap game.

The tension between Kendrick Lamar and Drake has been brewing for over a decade. It’s clear that there’s no love lost between them. Kendrick doesn’t shy away from acknowledging the deep seated animosity in their relationship. He makes it clear that their feud goes beyond mere competition, there’s a genuine hatred involved.


Despite the surface level competitiveness often seen in the rap industry. Lamar wants to emphasize that his disdain for Drake is rooted in something deeper and more personal. This declaration underscores the seriousness of their ongoing feud and the intensity of emotions involved on Kendrick’s part.

Kendrick Lamar’s disdain for Drake is palpable as he unleashes a barrage of insults in his verse. He expresses his hatred for everything from Drake’s mannerisms, the way he dresses, to his subtle insults (“sneak dissing”). Lamar doesn’t hold back, making it clear that if there’s ever a confrontation. It won’t be indirect it’ll be direct and to the point.

Lamar extends his contempt to the women associated with Drake. So, he is suggesting that they lack authenticity and confuse themselves with genuine women. This line adds another layer to Lamar’s critique, highlighting his disapproval not just of Drake himself. But also of those in his orbit.

Lamar’s verse serves as a scathing indictment of Drake, leaving no stone unturned in his expression of animosity towards the fellow rapper.


Kendrick Lamar shows no signs of letting up as he continues to dissect Drake’s persona. He takes aim at Drake’s portrayal of himself as a “mob boss,” expressing his disdain for this image. Additionally, Lamar challenges Drake’s status as a rap icon by questioning the absence of a classic record in his discography. This critique strikes at the heart of Drake’s reputation and legacy in the music industry.

Lamar doesn’t stop there. He even questions the authenticity of Drake’s physical appearance, specifically targeting his six pack abs. This line suggests that Lamar sees through the facade and isn’t afraid to call out what he perceives. As inconsistencies or exaggerations in Drake’s public image.

Lamar’s relentless barrage of insults highlights his deep seated animosity towards Drake. Which leaving no aspect of Drake’s persona untouched by his scathing critique.

Continuing his verbal assault, Kendrick Lamar doubles down on his criticism of Drake’s discography. He asserts that his first album is as much of a classic as his most recent one, highlighting his consistency in delivering timeless music. In contrast, Lamar suggests that Drake lacks a classic album in his repertoire, a bold statement that challenges Drake’s standing in the music industry.


Lamar doesn’t shy away from addressing Drake’s physical appearance either. He questions the origins of Drake’s well defined abs, implying that Drake may not have been transparent about how he achieved his physique. This line adds a layer of skepticism to Lamar’s critique, suggesting that Drake’s image may not be as authentic as he portrays it to be.

Lamar’s relentless attack on Drake’s music and persona underscores the depth of their feud and Lamar’s unwavering conviction in his own artistic merit.

In Drake’s track “Push Ups,” he took aim at Kendrick Lamar, alleging that Lamar had to give away 50 percent of his earnings as part of his deal with Top Dawg Entertainment. This accusation served as a central point of contention in their ongoing feud.

Kendrick Lamar flips the script in his own track “Euphoria.” He shifts the focus to Drake’s own record deal, questioning the terms of his agreement when he was signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money label. This label was under the umbrella of Birdman’s Cash Money Records and Universal Music Group.


By bringing attention to Drake’s record deal, Lamar aims to highlight potential vulnerabilities in Drake’s career and financial arrangements. This move allows Lamar to challenge Drake on his own turf, turning the tables on their feud and casting doubt on Drake’s business decisions.

In a bold move, Kendrick Lamar doesn’t hold back from alleging that Drake’s team issued a cease and desist order over the Billboard Hot 100-topping track “Like That.” This incident, according to Lamar, served as the spark that ignited their feud earlier in the year.

Kendrick Lamar's song lyrics.
Kendrick Lamar’s song lyrics.

Lamar’s lyrics suggest that Drake’s affiliation with various individuals and labels led to complications, with Drake ultimately being signed to someone who was signed to someone else. This convoluted hierarchy hints at potential challenges within Drake’s professional circle.

Lamar directly challenges Drake’s actions by questioning the cease and desist order placed on “Like That.” He sarcastically questions Drake’s opinion of the track, implying that the real issue may not have been with the song itself, but rather with the implications it held.

Lamar’s allegations shed light on the complexities of Drake’s professional relationships and the friction that arose between them, setting the stage for further tension in their ongoing feud.


In a final blow, Kendrick Lamar takes aim at Drake’s biracial identity and his use of the word “n-a” in his lyrics. Lamar expresses his disdain for Drake’s usage of the word, indicating that it’s a personal point of contention for him.

Lamar’s critique extends beyond Drake’s musical choices and delves into his identity, suggesting that Drake’s biracial background may influence his use of the word. By addressing this sensitive topic, Lamar underscores the complexities of racial identity and language within the context of hip-hop culture.

With a sense of finality, Lamar closes out the track by stating, “We don’t want to hear you say ‘n—a’ no more.” This statement serves as a direct challenge to Drake, urging him to reconsider his use of language and perhaps even prompting a broader conversation within the rap community about the power and implications of certain words.

Lamar’s closing remarks on the track emphasize his stance on Drake’s use of language and highlight the depth of their ongoing feud.


Kendrick Lamar’s diss track “Euphoria” made its debut 17 days after Drake’s track “Push Ups” was leaked to the public. Drake subsequently officially released “Push Ups” on streaming platforms on April 19.

Despite the controversy surrounding the diss track, it managed to make an impact on the charts, debuting at No. 19 on the Hot 100 for the week. This timeline underscores the rapid escalation of their feud and the quick response from both artists as they engage in this intense rivalry.