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Cowboys Pull Off Stunning Reunion with Ezekiel Elliott for 2024 Season



Ezekiel Elliott, Cowboys reuniting him.

Ezekiel Elliott, the star running back, has struck a deal with the Dallas Cowboys, his long time team, according to sources from ESPN.

This agreement spans one year and carries a maximum value of $3 million. This move marks a reunion between Elliott and the franchise that drafted him as the fourth overall pick in the 2016 NFL draft.

After weeks of speculation and negotiation, both parties have come to terms, solidifying Elliott’s presence in the Cowboys’ roster for at least another season. This deal not only secures Elliott’s future with the team but also reflects the mutual commitment between player and organization.

For Elliott, this contract represents more than just financial security; it’s a return to familiar territory. His back to the team that saw his potential and invested in him early in his professional career. The Cowboys, on the other hand, gain a key player. Who has been integral to their offense since his rookie year.


The terms of the deal allow for flexibility, providing both Elliott. The Cowboys with room to maneuver within the constraints of the salary cap. While the maximum value of the contract set at $3 million. The specifics of the agreement, including incentives and bonuses, remain undisclosed.

This development brings a sense of stability to the Cowboys’ backfield. As they can now count on Elliott’s dynamic playmaking abilities for the upcoming season. Fans can anticipate seeing Elliott donning the familiar star-studded helmet. They are ready to once again carry the Cowboys’ ground game to new heights.

Ezekiel Elliott.
Ezekiel Elliott.

Before the NFL draft last week, Ezekiel Elliott and his agent, Rocky Arceneaux, sat down with the Dallas Cowboys for a meeting. Interestingly, they ended up at the same restaurant, Dee Lincoln Prime, where the team was having a scouts dinner. This casual encounter added a bit of intrigue to their discussions.

During a press conference on Thursday, Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones spoke highly of Elliott, emphasizing his importance to the team. Jones highlighted Elliott’s dedication and competitive spirit, praising him as a key player. Who has consistently given his all for the franchise.

With Tony Pollard departing for the Tennessee Titans in free agency. The Cowboys are facing a gap in their running back lineup. To address this, they’re considering a committee approach, spreading the workload among multiple players. In addition to re-signing last year’s backup, Rico Dowdle, the Cowboys have brought in veteran Royce Freeman through free agency. They also have promising talents like Deuce Vaughn, a sixth-round pick from last year. As well as Malik Davis and Hunter Luepke on the roster.


This strategy reflects the team’s commitment to adaptability and depth in their roster. Its ensuring they have capable players to step up and contribute in various situations.

As they navigate the upcoming season, the Cowboys are banking on their collective talent and versatility to maintain a strong presence in the running game.

In summary, while Ezekiel Elliott remains a cornerstone of the Cowboys’ offense. His contract negotiations and the team’s offseason moves underscore their approach to building a well rounded roster.

By fostering competition and diversity in their running back group. The Cowboys aim to maximize their effectiveness on the field and maintain their status as contenders in the league.


Ezekiel Elliott’s comeback to the Cowboys brings back memories of Herschel Walker’s second time with the team. Walker was the top rusher for Dallas from 1986 to ’89 until he traded to the Minnesota Vikings.

That trade helped the Cowboys become three time Super Bowl champs in the 1990s with Jimmy Johnson as coach. Walker came back to the Cowboys in 1996. This time, he played alongside Emmitt Smith and also handled kickoff returns.

The Cowboys had a chance to pick a running back in the draft, but they didn’t. Even though they needed more players at that position. They decided to choose linebacker Marist Liufau instead, in the third round. They didn’t have a pick in the fourth round, and during that time, 12 running backs got chosen by other teams.

The Cowboys didn’t get to pick again until the fifth round. When they finally had a chance to choose at No. 174.


Jones talked about their draft strategy after it ended on Saturday. He mentioned how they had to stick to their plan of choosing the best available players. Even if they really needed a running back.

Cowboys Reunite 3 players for 2024 season.
Cowboys Reunite 3 players for 2024 season.

Every time they were close to making a pick, it seemed like the right running back wasn’t available. They’d be thinking about picking one, but then, before they could, another team would choose that player.

During the draft, the Cowboys had their eyes on a group of running backs, keeping tabs on about 75 to 85 players they were interested in. Despite this, the players they were considering kept getting chosen by other teams before the Cowboys had a chance to pick. Even though they were in need of a running back. The timing just didn’t work out leaving them without the opportunity to address the position during the draft.

However, regardless of their draft choices, the Cowboys were always planning to bring back Ezekiel Elliott. Last year, Elliott had to leave the team due to salary cap constraints. But he eventually signed with the New England Patriots.

Nonetheless, the Cowboys never lost sight of bringing him back into the fold. Its solidifying their intentions to retain him regardless of their draft decisions.


Last season, Ezekiel Elliott was on the field for about 51% of the time the offense played. Despite facing challenges with an inconsistent offensive line. He managed to lead the team in rushing with 642 yards on 184 carries, averaging 3.5 yards per carry, and scoring three touchdowns.

Additionally, he caught the most passes on the team, tallying 51 receptions for 313 yards. Further, averaging 6.1 yards per catch, and adding two more touchdowns to his total.

As the season progressed, Ezekiel Elliott, who will celebrate his 29th birthday in July. He found himself shouldering a heavier workload, especially in the final five weeks. This increase came as a response to the absence of Rhamondre Stevenson. The team’s top rusher, who was sidelined due to a high ankle sprain.

Despite the added pressure, Elliott rose to the occasion, demonstrating his versatility and reliability on the field.


However, the Cowboys are aware of Elliott’s age and the wear and tear on his body over the years. They understand that expecting him to replicate his dominant performances from earlier in his career may not be realistic.

While Elliott remains a significant contributor and holds a notable place in the team’s rushing history. The Cowboys are committed to managing his workload more cautiously, ensuring his longevity and effectiveness over the course of the season.

Over his tenure with the Dallas Cowboys from 2016 to ’22, Ezekiel Elliott showcased his prowess on the field, accumulating an impressive 8,262 rushing yards. A three-time Pro Bowler, Elliott made an indelible mark on the team, particularly during his rookie season, where he set rookie records with a staggering 1,631 rushing yards.

Throughout his time with the Cowboys, he recorded an impressive 30 games with over 100 rushing yards, solidifying his reputation as one of the league’s premier running backs.


Elliott’s impact extended beyond individual accolades, as he led the NFL in rushing yards in both 2016 and 2018, further cementing his status as a formidable force in the league. However, despite his early successes, Elliott’s rushing yardage dipped below the 1,000-yard mark in recent seasons, with his last 1,000-yard season occurring in 2020 when he amassed 1,002 yards on the ground.

In addition to Ezekiel Elliott’s accomplishments, the Cowboys made moves to bolster their defensive lineup by agreeing to terms with veteran linebacker Damien Wilson. While Wilson spent the previous year on the active roster, he did not see game action.

His addition reflects the team’s commitment to fortifying their defensive unit and provides depth in key positions as they prepare for the upcoming season.

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