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Thousands Sign Petition to Bring Back Ex-Chelsea Manager, Bayern Munich’s Thomas Tuchel



Thomas Tuchel could end the season with no trophies at Bayern Munich.

Bayern Munich’s Thomas Tuchel Unmoved by Fans’ Petition to Stay.

Thomas Tuchel, the boss of Bayern Munich, said he won’t let a petition change his mind about leaving the club. Over 12,000 supporters signed the petition asking him to stay.

In February, Bayern said Tuchel would leave at the end of the season. Even though his contract still had a year left.

The petition is a response to Tuchel’s departure announcement. Fans want him to keep his job, but Tuchel remains firm about leaving.


Bayern’s season hasn’t gone as well as hoped. They lost their grip on the Bundesliga after 11 years when Bayer Leverkusen, led by Xabi Alonso, ended their dominance.

Thomas Tuchel, Bayern Munich’s current boss, commented on the fans’ desire for him to stay, saying it’s not his main concern. He emphasized that football is his sole focus in the coming days, regardless of any external factors.

Ralf Rangnick, previously interim manager at Manchester United. Which has reportedly discussed taking over Tuchel’s position at Bayern for the upcoming season.

Tuchel stated that it’s up to the club to decide on his successor. He described his approach as tuning out the surrounding noise, indicating he’s ignoring the speculation about his replacement.


Despite a turbulent season, Bayern Munich has a final chance for glory as they face Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-finals.

The team’s resurgence in the league and their progression in Europe have prompted fans to rally behind a petition. Its worth is that with over 17,000 signatures urging the 50-year-old Tuchel to stay in Bavaria.

Tuchel won the Champions League with Chelsea in 2021.
Tuchel won the Champions League with Chelsea in 2021.

As the club aims for European success, uncertainty looms over Tuchel’s future. By adding intrigue to their upcoming clash with Real Madrid.

Amid talks of hiring former Manchester United boss Ralf Rangnick. Bayern Munich fans are not entirely pleased with the potential managerial candidate.

The petition statement reflects fans’ frustration, citing the decision to dismiss Thomas Tuchel after a defeat against VFL Bochum as “atrocious.”


Tuchel, affectionately nicknamed ‘Juppel,’ faced challenges during his tenure in Munich, including negative media coverage and injuries within the team. However, he managed to guide the team to the semi-finals of the Champions League, earning him support from fans.

When asked about the petition advocating for his stay at Bayern Munich, Thomas Tuchel remained steadfast. Which expressing respect for candidates like Unai Emery or Ralf Rangnick but asserting they couldn’t compare to his performance.

Despite acknowledging the passion of the supporters, Tuchel emphasized that he wouldn’t let himself be swayed by their sentiments in making his decision.