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World’s Biggest Feet Get Jaw-Dropping Custom Shoes



A man who has world's largest feet. He has a Genius world record.

A 28-year-old man from Venezuela, who has the world’s largest feet, recently received a remarkable gift custom made shoes crafted by a specialist shoemaker from Germany.

This young man’s feet are incredibly large, making it challenging for him to find shoes that fit comfortably. However, thanks to the expertise of a shoemaker who specializes in crafting shoes for unique foot sizes, he now has a pair of shoes that perfectly accommodate his extraordinary feet.

The shoes meticulously crafted to ensure they provide the right support and comfort for the wearer. This thoughtful gesture has brought immense relief and joy to the Venezuelan man, who can now walk and move around more comfortably than ever before.

The story of this man receiving custom made shoes has captured the attention of people worldwide, highlighting the importance of inclusivity and innovation in the field of footwear. It serves as a reminder that with creativity and compassion. Even the most challenging situations can be overcome.


Jeison Rodriguez Hernandez, a man from Venezuela, has experienced significant growth in his feet over the years. In 2015, his right foot measured 15.79 inches, while his left foot measured 15.5 inches, which is roughly equivalent to a shoe size of 26.

A man who has longest feet in the word is walking with a girl.
A man who has longest feet in the word is walking with a girl.

To accommodate his extraordinary foot size, Rodriguez Hernandez has been receiving custom-made shoes from a shoemaker named Georg Wessels, based in Germany.

The German Embassy in Venezuela has confirmed that Wessels has been crafting specialized shoes for Rodriguez Hernandez for several years.

These custom shoes tailored to fit Rodriguez Hernandez’s unique foot measurements. It is ensuring he can walk comfortably despite the challenges posed by his exceptionally large feet.

This ongoing collaboration between Rodriguez Hernandez and Wessels exemplifies the importance of innovative solutions and international cooperation in addressing individual needs and enhancing quality of life.


Recently, Georg Wessels traveled to Venezuela to make his latest delivery of custom shoes for Jeison Rodriguez Hernandez. These shoes were not just any ordinary size. They were size 70 in Venezuelan measurements, specially tailored to fit Rodriguez Hernandez’s exceptionally large feet.

Rodriguez Hernandez, a gentle giant standing at an impressive 7 feet and 3 inches tall, gained international recognition when he earned the Guinness World Record distinction in 2015. An adjudicator from Guinness World Records visited him in his hometown of Maracay. Which is just an hour’s drive from the capital city of Caracas, to verify his remarkable feat.

Despite his towering stature and the challenges that come with it, Rodriguez Hernandez remains a mild mannered individual. His ongoing collaboration with Georg Wessels highlights the importance of specialized craftsmanship. And international cooperation in meeting the unique needs of individuals with extraordinary attributes.

Jeison Rodriguez Hernandez’s remarkable foot growth may have an explanation. He suffers from a rare condition called acromegaly, which causes the anterior pituitary gland to produce too much growth hormone. This excess hormone leads to uncontrollable growth, including in his feet.


To manage his condition, Rodriguez Hernandez requires regular checkups and adheres to a special diet. This diet is crucial for him to avoid gaining excess weight, a challenge he faces due to his condition. However, he admits that maintaining this diet can be financially burdensome for him.

Acromegaly not only affects Rodriguez Hernandez’s physical appearance but also presents ongoing health concerns that require constant monitoring and management. Despite these challenges, he remains resilient in his journey, seeking necessary treatments and adjustments to lead a healthy life.

Jeison Rodriguez Hernandez’s journey with acromegaly began when he was just 12 years old. For four years, his family puzzled over his unusually large size, particularly his oversized feet. Eventually, at the age of 12, he received a diagnosis of acromegaly. Which shedding light on the cause of his remarkable growth.

By the time Rodriguez Hernandez turned 14, his feet had grown so large that conventional shoes were no longer an option. Instead, he had to resort for shoes made from cloth material. Which unfortunately only lasted two to three weeks at a time.


Although Rodriguez Hernandez isn’t the tallest person in the world (that title belongs to Sultan Kösen, an 8 feet 2 inches tall Turkish national). He has garnered significant attention due to his condition.

However, he’s not interested in claiming any records. Reflecting on his past experiences, he recalls being bullied by some of his classmates when he was younger. But now, he finds himself embraced by popularity, with people frequently asking him for pictures on the streets.

Despite the challenges he’s faced, Rodriguez Hernandez maintains a positive outlook on life. He happily shares his story with journalists and the public, symbolizing resilience and acceptance in the face of adversity.

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