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Barbra Streisand Sparks Instagram Controversy with Melissa McCarthy Over Weight-Loss Medication



In the picture it is shown that Barbra Streisand has controversy with Melissa McCarthy.

Barbra Streisand shocked fans on Monday when she publicly questioned Melissa McCarthy about her weight loss in what many considered a rude remark.

The controversy arose when Streisand asked McCarthy about her use of the medication Ozempic. Which implying that McCarthy’s weight loss might be attributed to the drug.

The incident occurred after McCarthy shared two photos of herself and director Adam Shankman. Which attending the Center Theatre Group’s CTG (The Gala event) at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles on April 29.

Streisand commented on McCarthy’s Instagram post, but later deleted her remark. Some speculate that Streisand might have intended her comment to be a private message rather than a public one.


At Sunday’s CTG’s The Gala 2024 at the Ahmanson Theatre, the Broadway legend, 82, couldn’t help. But comment on a picture of the actress, 53, posing with pal Adam Shankman, 59.

The comedian, whose weight has fluctuated over the years, showcased her newly slimmed down figure in a stylish mint dress and blazer, prompting Barbra to post, “Give him my regards. Did you take Ozempic?”

Melissa McCarthy has tow face it his picture before and after her fatty body.
Melissa McCarthy has tow face it his picture before and after her fatty body.

The EGOT-winning entertainer swiftly found herself embroiled in controversy, as her inquiry sparked a flurry of responses from fans and critics alike, all questioning the appropriateness of her comment. Despite the outcry, Streisand chose not to directly engage with the backlash, opting instead to quietly remove her remark from the public eye.

However, this incident isn’t an isolated one in Streisand’s history. Known for her outspoken nature and candid remarks. She has occasionally found herself in hot water due to the unintended consequences of her words. While her intentions may have been innocuous, Streisand’s tendency to speak her mind sometimes leads to misunderstandings and offense.

This latest incident serves as a reminder of the power and impact of words. Especially in the realm of social media where messages can quickly spread and be interpreted in various ways. Streisand’s experience highlights the importance of mindfulness and sensitivity in communication. Particularly when discussing sensitive topics such as weight and health.


As discussions around body image and weight loss medication continue to evolve, it’s essential for public figures like Streisand to approach such topics with caution and empathy. While curiosity or concern may drive inquiries, it’s crucial to consider the potential implications and sensitivities of one’s words, especially in a public forum.

Barbra Streisand’s Memorable Oprah Moment:

In 2003, Barbara clashed heads with Oprah Winfrey during an awkward exchange about her personalized props.
In 2003, Barbara clashed heads with Oprah Winfrey during an awkward exchange about her personalized props.

In 2003, Barbra Streisand made an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show. During her time on the show, she dressed in a white turtleneck and seen carrying her white dog named Sammie around the studio.

After a musical performance in which Barbra Streisand used a white microphone, Oprah Winfrey humorously pointed out the coordination between Streisand’s outfit and her dog. Oprah remarked, “I want to just say this, I own this studio, I’ve been here I don’t know how many years. I’ve never seen a white mic.”

In response, Streisand explained, “It’s actually off white, to match my off white sweater. I like simplicity, and monochromatic frames.” This exchange highlighted Streisand’s attention to detail and her preference for a coordinated aesthetic.

So you had the mic sprayed? Oprah asked again, referring to the unusual white microphone. This exchange, as detailed in Comedian Kathy Griffin’s book “Official Book Club Selection,” revealed Oprah’s curiosity about the microphone’s color, which seemed to intrigue her for weeks following the encounter.


Barbra Streisand Blames Trump for Weight Gain:

In 2018, Barbra claimed that Donald Trump was making her 'gain weight' as she resorted to comfort eating in order to deal with the current state of politics.
In 2018, Barbra claimed that Donald Trump was making her ‘gain weight’ as she resorted to comfort eating in order to deal with the current state of politics.

In 2018, Barbra Streisand made a statement asserting that Donald Trump’s presidency was causing her to gain weight. She explained that she turned to comfort eating as a coping mechanism to deal with her concerns about the state of politics at the time.

In an interview with Australia’s Stellar magazine, Barbra expressed her feelings about the President, saying he made her feel sad. She said she stayed up late at night feeling down after eating chocolate and ice cream.

She also talked about how she believed the President was not honest, saying he lied from the very start. Barbra emphasized how important truth was to her, both in her work and her personal life, saying she really valued it because it had a lot of power.

In an interview with Australia’s Stellar magazine, Barbra Streisand talked about how important truth is for democracy. She said it bothers her a lot that President Trump keeps lying every day.

She shared a story about a night when she heard some really bad news from him. It upset her so much that she had to eat two coffee ice-cream cones to feel better. She even thought about having a third one. Sometimes when she eats chocolate before bed, she has trouble sleeping and stays awake until five or six in the morning, getting very little sleep.


This shows how much stress and worry politics can cause, even for someone like Barbra Streisand. It reminds us that honesty and integrity are crucial, especially from those in power, and how their actions can affect everyone’s well being.

Streisand Disappointed in “A Star Is Born” Remake:

When Bradley's 2018 remake of her 1976 film A Star Is Born was released, Barbra couldn't help but show her disappointment in the finished result.
When Bradley’s 2018 remake of her 1976 film A Star Is Born released, Barbra couldn’t help. But show her disappointment in the finished result.

Barbra Streisand didn’t hide her disappointment. When Bradley Cooper’s remake of her 1976 film “A Star Is Born” hit the screens in 2018. She admitted that she was initially intrigued by the idea of a remake. Especially with different actors and a fresh take on the story.

Streisand revealed that she intrigued when she first heard about the project. Especially with the potential casting of Will Smith and Beyoncé. She thought it could bring a new flavor to the story, with different music styles and a more integrated approach to casting. This idea excited her because it promised something unique and innovative.

However, her enthusiasm waned when she learned that Bradley Cooper involved. She surprised to find that the remake closely resembled her version from 1976. Streisand felt that it lacked the originality and freshness she had hoped for. For her, originality mattered more than just achieving success.

Streisand’s disappointment stemmed from her desire to see a new interpretation of the story, one that would push boundaries and offer something different from her own rendition. She valued creativity and innovation over simply replicating past successes.


In 2023 Streisand:

Barbra Streisand with a mug in her hand.
Barbra Streisand with a mug in her hand.

During the promotion of her autobiography in 2023, Barbra Streisand shared an amusing anecdote about a conversation she had with Apple CEO Tim Cook. The issue arose when Streisand noticed that Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant, was mispronouncing her name.

She explained to the BBC that her name isn’t spelled with a “Z”, but rather with an “S”, like “Strei-sand”, as simple as sand on the beach. Streisand found it somewhat amusing but also wanted to address the mispronunciation, considering her name is widely recognized.

In response to her concern, Tim Cook graciously intervened. He personally ensured that Siri’s pronunciation of her name corrected to match the correct pronunciation. Streisand appreciated Cook’s gesture and humorously remarked that it might be one of the perks of being famous – having the CEO of Apple personally address your name pronunciation on their virtual assistant.

This incident highlights both the influence of celebrities like Streisand and the willingness of influential figures like Tim Cook to address small but significant issues, even if it’s just about the pronunciation of a name. It also adds a light-hearted moment to Streisand’s promotional tour for her autobiography, showcasing her wit and charm.

Streisand & Larry’s “Normal Heart” TV Saga:

Barbra and Larry (pictured in 1993) were embroiled in a saga over the TV adaptation of his play The Normal Heart for years, resulting in Barbra claiming he had been lying about her.
Barbra and Larry (pictured in 1993) embroiled in a saga over the TV adaptation of his play. The Normal Heart for years, resulting in Barbra claiming he had been lying about her.

For years, Barbra Streisand and Larry Kramer were caught up in a prolonged struggle over the television adaptation of Kramer’s play “The Normal Heart.” Streisand initially acquired the rights to the play back in 1986 with hopes of bringing it to the screen. However, she faced difficulties in securing the necessary funding to kickstart the project.

Tensions between Streisand and Kramer came to light in a leaked email from Kramer to Streisand in 2012. Where he expressed his frustration, suggesting that she lacked the fervent commitment she professed to have for the project.


Streisand, on the other hand, defended her position. And arguing that she had dedicated 25 years of her life to the project without receiving any payment. She felt unfairly targeted by Kramer’s public criticisms, emphasizing that despite her efforts, the movie still hadn’t materialized. Streisand pointed out that Kramer himself had held onto the rights for the past 15 years without achieving success in getting the project off the ground.

This saga underscores the complexities and challenges involved in bringing a theatrical production to the screen. It is highlighting the difficulties faced by both Streisand and Kramer in realizing their shared vision.

Despite their differing perspectives, both parties had invested considerable time and effort into the project. Which underscoring the importance of understanding the nuances of collaboration in the entertainment industry.