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Zac Brown Estranged Wife Claps Back After Country Star’s Temporary Restraining Order



Zac Brown and Kelly Yazdi

Zac Brown, the country music singer, and his estranged wife, Kelly Yazdi, have been in the news. They were married for only four months before Zac filed for divorce. Recently, there was some trouble between them.

Zac accused Kelly of breaking rules about how she treated an employee and keeping things private. Kelly responded to these accusations on Instagram. She posted several messages where she said Zac was treating her badly and being controlling. She used the term “narcissistic abuse” to describe his behavior.

Zac didn’t take this lightly. He went to court and asked for something called a restraining order. This order would keep Kelly away from him. The court agreed with Zac and gave him the restraining order.

So, it’s a bit of a messy situation between Zac Brown and Kelly Yazdi.


In a message she posted on TikTok, Kelly Yazdi said that nobody, not even someone like Zac Brown. Who has a lot of money, influence, fame, and lawyers, can stop her from expressing herself through art or from talking about their divorce. Up until now, she hadn’t talked much about their divorce publicly.

I plan to quickly and strongly reply to his baseless complaint. That sharing two poems on my own social media broke any ‘secret information’ about his business.

It’s even more absurd to think a court can stop me from talking about my personal life. Which has nothing to do with my short time working for Zac Brown Collective, Inc.

Zac Brown's former spouse, Kelly Yazdi, took to social media to express her determination to promptly and firmly address what she termed as the country singer's baseless complaints against her.
Zac Brown’s former spouse, Kelly Yazdi, took to social media to express her determination to promptly and firmly address what she termed as the country singer’s baseless complaints against her.

Brown asked for an urgent restraining order, help from the court, and money for things that happened. Because Yazdi broke a confidentiality agreement she signed on May 17.

A spokesperson for Brown told Fox News Digital that after thinking about it a lot. They decided to take action to make sure Yazdi keeps our personal and business stuff private. They also want to protect their family from people bothering them online and spreading rumors.


Their main wish is for everyone to keep personal things private and to treat each other with respect, like they agreed when they split up.

The court in Georgia agreed to the restraining order. This means Yazdi has to take down the Instagram posts that are said to have broken the agreement to keep things private. Fox News Digital made sure of this information.

In her statement, Yazdi expressed her frustration with Zac’s actions following their divorce. She found it ironic that Zac, immediately after filing for divorce, released a music video that seemed to mock their wedding party. Even including a caricature of her that she felt was hurtful and untrue.

Furthermore, Yazdi criticized Zac for initiating legal action against her. While simultaneously claiming that his only wish was for them to treat each other with respect and keep their private matters private. She found this contradictory, given the public nature of their legal disputes.


Yazdi emphasized that Zac’s legal actions against her seemed unnecessary and lacking in merit. She highlighted the emotional toll of Zac’s actions, particularly the portrayal of her in the music video, which she felt was defamatory.

Overall, Yazdi’s statement conveyed her disappointment with Zac’s behavior following their divorce. Particularly his choice to escalate their disagreements through public legal proceedings and media releases.

Kelly Yazdi ended her statement by stating that despite facing public attacks from her soon to be ex husband, she chose not to respond publicly. She believed that Zac was the one who made the decision to bring their private divorce matters into the public sphere through these actions.

Yazdi accused Zac of attempting to portray himself as a victim and using his influence. And resources to prevent her from speaking truthfully about their marriage. She remained firm in her stance, declaring that Zac’s tactics would not succeed in silencing her, no matter how unreasonable they may be.


Yazdi expressed her determination to stand up for herself and tell her side of the story, regardless of Zac’s attempts to control the narrative or silence her.

Brown and Yazdi said they were getting divorced in December after being married for only four months.

In a statement, they mentioned that they were going through the process of divorce but still respected each other. They wished each other well and asked for privacy as they dealt with their personal issues.Before marrying Yazdi, Brown was married to his ex-wife, Shelly, for 12 years.