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Jason Momoa Confirms Relationship with Adria Arjona



Jason Momoa is dating with Adria Arjona.

Jason Momoa has found love again. On May 20, the 44-year-old actor posted pictures from a trip to Japan on Instagram. Some of the photos show him cozying up to actress Adria Arjona, who is 32 years old.

One picture captures the Aquaman star embracing Arjona affectionately at a restaurant. It seems like they’re enjoying each other’s company in the Land of the Rising Sun.

In one of the photos, the actress seen standing beside Momoa. Their hair dances in the wind as they both sport big smiles. Arjona liked this moment so much that she shared the photo on her Instagram Stories.By adding red heart emojis to express her affection.

In his post, Jason Momoa expressed his gratitude for the incredible experience in Japan. He wrote, ‘Japan, you are a dream come true, you blew my mind.


We’re so thankful for everyone who opened their homes, making memories with new friends and old friends. While sharing another amazing adventure with mi amor.’ He also tagged Arjona’s Instagram account in the post. Additionally, Momoa mentioned ‘ON THE ROAM motorcycles and mayhem. All my aloha j,’ hinting at more adventures to come.

Jason Momoa and Adria Arjona captured together in a snapshot from Momoa's Instagram.
Jason Momoa and Adria Arjona captured together in a snapshot from Momoa’s Instagram.

Jason Momoa recently cleared the air about his relationship status during a Comic Con event in Basingstoke, England, on May 11. When a fan inquired whether he was single, he clarified that he was indeed in a relationship.

At the event, Momoa confirmed his relationship status by stating. ‘I’m very much in a relationship,’ as captured in a video shared on X. When pressed by the fan to reveal his partner’s identity, Momoa teased, ‘You’ll find out very soon. His response left fans eagerly anticipating further details about his romantic life.

Jason Momoa elaborated on his relationship status, sharing, “I’m very much in a relationship, I’ve been in a relationship for a while.” He emphasized his appreciation for privacy, mentioning, “I’m just really enjoying privacy ’cause back in the day no one gave and now everyone does, but I’m still the same guy.”

Momoa expressed gratitude for the recent space he’s granted, stating. “It’s been really nice because everyone has kind of [left me alone], but yeah, thank you very much.”


Arjona, whose father is the well-known Guatemalan-Mexican singer-songwriter Ricardo Arjona, has made a name for herself through roles in various movies. You might recognize her from her performances in films such as 2018’s Pacific Rim. Uprising and the 2022 Star Wars series Andor.

Her upcoming projects include starring alongside Glen Powell in the Netflix film Hit Man. Additionally, she’s part of the cast for Blink Twice, a movie directed by Zoë Kravitz.

Jason Momoa married to Lisa Bonet from 2017 until they revealed their separation in January 2022. Together, they have two children: a daughter named Lola, who is 16 years old, and a son named Nakoa Wolf, who is 15.

Despite announcing their split over two years ago, Bonet, who is 56 years old, and Momoa didn’t officially file for divorce until January of this year.


In her divorce filing, Bonet cited irreconcilable differences and stated that she and Momoa separated on October 7, 2020. According to the terms of their divorce, they won’t legally declared single until July 9.

After Momoa and Bonet announced their separation, Momoa rumored to be romantically involved with Eiza González for a while. However, in June 2022, a source informed PEOPLE magazine that they had decided to go their separate ways.

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