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NASCAR Drivers Ricky Stenhouse Jr. And Kyle Busch Fight At All-Star Race



Ricky Stenhouse Jr.'s car ended up parked in Kyle Busch's pit area after an on-track incident during the NASCAR Cup Series All-Star Race.

On Sunday night at the NASCAR All-Star Race in North Carolina, things went from fast cars on the track to fists flying in the pits. NASCAR drivers Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Kyle Busch ended up in a fight that got everyone talking.

It all started with some aggressive driving on the track. But things escalated quickly when Stenhouse Jr. and Busch got out of their cars. They started throwing punches at each other, and soon their crews joined in, making it a full on brawl.

During the NASCAR All-Star Race at North Wilkesboro Speedway, things got heated between Kyle Busch and Ricky Stenhouse Jr. A. That moment of aggression occurred when Busch bumped into Stenhouse’s No. 47 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1. This caused Stenhouse’s car to lose control and slam into a perimeter wall. As a result of the crash, Stenhouse had to bow out of the race after only completing two laps out of the total 200.

The incident unfolded as Busch’s car made contact with Stenhouse’s, sending it spinning out of control. Stenhouse’s car sustained significant damage from hitting the wall, effectively ending his chance to compete in the race.


This turn of events left Stenhouse frustrated and likely contributed to the tensions. That later boiled over into a physical altercation between the two NASCAR drivers and their crews.

After being knocked out of the race due to the crash caused by Kyle Busch. Ricky Stenhouse Jr. didn’t let the incident go without confrontation. He pulled his car into Busch’s pit box, then climbed out of his car and over the pit wall to approach Busch’s crew.

Stenhouse seemed eager to have a word with them. Which likely to express his frustration or seek some explanation for the incident.

Stenhouse Jr.'s car landed in Busch's pit after an on-track incident at the NASCAR Cup Series All-Star Race.
Stenhouse Jr.’s car landed in Busch’s pit after an on-track incident at the NASCAR Cup Series All-Star Race.

However, because North Wilkesboro Speedway lacks an exit tunnel, Stenhouse couldn’t immediately confront Busch directly. Instead, he had to wait until the race finished to have his chance to speak with him face to face.

This added delay likely only intensified the tension between the two NASCAR drivers and their respective teams. Which prolonging the drama of the already eventful night at the NASCAR All-Star Race.


After the race ended and the fireworks lit up the sky, Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Kyle Busch seen talking in the garage. Suddenly, Stenhouse threw a punch at Busch’s face. The whole incident caught on camera, adding more drama to the already tense atmosphere at the NASCAR All-Star Race.

A video shared by NASCAR captured Stenhouse looking upset while talking to Busch. Busch told Stenhouse, “We all bump into each other,” but Stenhouse fired back. “You hit the wall first and then you hit me.”

Busch didn’t agree, saying, “I don’t think so.” This exchange revealed the disagreement between the NASCAR drivers about what happened on the track.

Watch it again, Stenhouse said before throwing another punch. Moments later, others nearby rushed in to break up the fight, causing both Stenhouse and Busch to end up on the ground.


In the midst of the chaos, crew members also joined the fray, exchanging punches with one another. A video shared on X by NASCAR captured the moment when Busch attempted to strike a man who was pulling him away from Stenhouse.

In a post-fight interview with FOX Sports, Stenhouse opened up about his relationship with Kyle. Which saying, “You know, I feel like Kyle and I have always raced each other really hard.

But then, there was that incident at Daytona where I wrecked him once, and ever since then, he’s been kind of bad mouthing me.” Stenhouse’s words shed light on the history between the two NASCAR drivers and the tensions that had been building up over time.

Speaking to FOX Sports after the altercation, Stenhouse shared his perspective, saying, “I feel like we’re fine with each other outside of the race track. We talk quite a bit. I’m not sure why he was so angry that I went three wide.


But, he hit the wall and then bumped into me. When I tried talking to him, he kept saying that I caused the wreck.” Stenhouse also mentioned his frustration with Busch’s frequent criticism, saying, “There’s definitely built-up frustration with how much he talks about me.”

Stenhouse also acknowledged Busch’s frustrations, saying. “I know he frustrated because he doesn’t perform as well as he used to, and I get that.” He pointed out that stuck on the track only adds to the frustration. “If there was a tunnel, I would probably have been home watching the end of the race,” Stenhouse joked, highlighting the unexpected turn of events that led to the altercation.

NASCAR reported that no one seriously hurt in the fight. If there are any penalties, they’ll decided by Wednesday, following the usual rules.

In the race, Busch finished 10th driving his No. 8 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, while Stenhouse ended up in last place.


The winner of the race, earning the $1 million prize, was Joey Logano driving his No. 22 Ford Mustang Dark Horse.

NASCAR’s code of conduct rules clearly outline that fines or suspensions may imposed for incidents. Which involving physical altercations between members, such as striking another competitor. As well as for any other forms of violent behavior including making threats or endangering others. These measures are in place to maintain safety and sportsmanship within the racing community.

NASCAR’s rules about penalties for physical confrontations are intentionally broad. Usually, drivers get more leeway than non-drivers when it comes to punishments.

Looking back at a similar incident last year in the truck series, NASCAR fined Matt Crafton $25,000 for punching Nick Sanchez after the race at Talladega. They also suspended Sanchez’s father for the last two races of 2023 because he got involved.


Based on this, we might see Stenhouse’s father getting suspended. Because he got in the middle of the fight on Sunday night and was grappling with Busch. But unless NASCAR finds evidence of any crew members throwing punches, this might be the only suspension.

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