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Ryan Garcia’s B-Sample Confirms Presence of Banned Substance



Ryan Garcia

On April 20, Ryan Garcia shook up the boxing world with an impressive performance against Devin Haney. Which knocking him down three times and clinching a majority decision win. However, his victory tainted by concerns when Garcia failed to make weight(Ryan Garcia’s B-Sample) properly before the fight.

On Thursday, reports revealed that the lab results for Ryan Garcia’s B-sample showed an adverse finding for the banned substance ostarine. This revelation follows Garcia’s reported failure in a VADA (Voluntary Anti-Doping Association) drug test conducted before his fight.

Notably, VADA tested Garcia both the day before and the day after his bout with Haney. The emergence of ostarine in the Ryan Garcia’s B-sample adds to the growing concern surrounding Garcia’s drug testing. By raising questions about the fairness of his performance against Haney.

Ryan Garcia responded with a controversial social media post that has deleted. In the post, Garcia wrote, “I F—ING LOVE STEROID,” which sparked immediate attention and speculation. However, he quickly followed it up with a toned down message saying, “No babe.”


In a statement to SG on Thursday, Garcia’s legal team emphasized that he has never intentionally used a banned substance. This assertion adds another layer to the unfolding story, as Garcia’s team vehemently denies any wrongdoing on his part.

In a statement released by Ryan Garcia’s legal team, they emphasized his commitment to clean and fair competition. By affirming that he has never intentionally used any banned substance.

Addressing the recent developments, the statement revealed that upon being notified of his positive test(Ryan Garcia’s B-Sample). Ryan took proactive steps by voluntarily providing a hair sample for analysis.

Ryan Garcia sends Devin Haney to the canvas in their WBC Super Lightweight title clash.
Ryan Garcia sends Devin Haney to the canvas in their WBC Super Lightweight title clash.

This sample sent to Dr. Pascal Kintz, a renowned expert in toxicology and hair-sample analysis.

The results of the hair sample returned negative, indicating the absence of Ostarine. This finding aligns with the theory of contamination and serves as concrete evidence that Ryan had not ingested Ostarine over a period of time.


The legal team argues that this negates any potential advantage he might have gained in the ring. This assertion adds a new perspective to the situation, suggesting that Garcia’s positive test result may have been a result of external factors rather than deliberate doping.

Ryan Garcia’s legal team further highlighted his history of voluntary testing throughout his career, consistently yielding negative results. They emphasized that leading up to the fight against Haney, Garcia underwent multiple tests(Ryan Garcia’s B-Sample), all of which returned negative.

Additionally, they pointed out that the levels of the banned substance found in Garcia’s system on April 19th and 20th were incredibly low. Which measured in the billionth of a gram range. This minuscule quantity, they argue, suggests that Garcia could be a victim of supplement contamination rather than intentional doping.

The legal team expressed confidence that one of the natural supplements Ryan was using before the fight may have contaminated. They stated that they are currently in the process of testing these supplements to pinpoint the exact source of the contamination.


This explanation provides a plausible scenario in which Garcia’s positive test result could have occurred inadvertently, shedding light on a potential alternative explanation for the situation.

Veteran boxing reporter Dan Rafael broke the news of Garcia’s failed test for ostarine on May 1. He highlighted that Garcia tested positive on April 19, the day before the fight, and again on April 20 during his post-fight evaluation. ESPN later obtained a VADA letter confirming these test results.

Following a social media post featuring three crying emojis and “lol,” Ryan Garcia briefly went live on X platform. Addressing the situation, he expressed frustration, stating, “You guys can see fake news. Fake f—ing news. Don’t believe these f—ers. I never f—ing took a steroid in my f—ing life. I don’t even know how that shit, it’s the weirdest shit ever.”

Garcia questioned the timing of the news, suggesting a suspicious motive behind its release. He highlighted that he tested clean on the day of the fight and expressed disbelief that the positive result emerged afterward.


Garcia insinuated that there might be ulterior motives at play, alleging, “Somebody paying somebody.” This statement reflects his skepticism towards the circumstances surrounding the revelation of his positive test result.

Reports indicate that Ryan Garcia had previously cleared of a separate potential positive drug test for the 19-Norandrosterone metabolite. Which linked to the banned substance nandrolone. However, the recent revelation of two positive tests for ostarine could significantly impact his career.

The consequences for these failed tests could range from a suspension to fines. Even having the outcome of the fight overturned to a no contest. Haney’s team took action by filing a letter with the New York State Athletic Commission, urging for Garcia’s disqualification and an amendment of the fight result to a victory by disqualification for Haney, as reported by Boxing Scene.

However, it’s more likely that the bout will be officially ruled a no-contest, given the circumstances surrounding the failed tests. This turn of events underscores the potential ramifications and uncertainty surrounding Garcia’s future in the sport.


During the lead-up to the fight, Ryan Garcia attracted attention with his peculiar behavior, engaging in a series of bizarre actions. He took to social media platforms to voice unconventional views, including ranting about various conspiracy theories.

Additionally, Garcia made headlines by claiming to possess evidence of aliens, adding an element of eccentricity to his public persona.

Furthermore, Garcia openly admitted to regularly consuming alcohol, a revelation he made following the fight. This admission shed light on his unconventional lifestyle choices, contributing to the intrigue surrounding his behavior in the build-up to the bout.

Ryan Garcia.
Ryan Garcia.

These actions not only added an unusual twist to his public image but also raised questions about his focus and preparation leading into the fight against Haney.

Following his victory, Ryan Garcia made a surprising revelation, claiming that his seemingly bizarre behavior in the lead-up to the fight was all part of an elaborate scheme to “troll” boxing fans, media, and Devin Haney and his team.


According to Garcia, this unconventional approach was orchestrated to create confusion and distract his opponent, ultimately giving him an edge in the ring.

At first glance, it seemed that Garcia’s plan had succeeded brilliantly, culminating in what he described as the biggest win of his career. However, the positive test results have cast a shadow of doubt over the legitimacy of his victory.

If the test samples confirm the presence of banned substances. The result of the fight may overturned to a no contest, nullifying Garcia’s triumph and raising questions about the extent of his tactics to secure the win. This unexpected turn of events adds a layer of complexity to Garcia’s victory. Which leaving both fans and the boxing community wondering about the true nature of his actions and their impact on the outcome of the fight.

Ryan Garcia’s failure to make weight by over 3 pounds had significant repercussions. Which rendering him ineligible to compete for Devin Haney’s WBC junior welterweight championship.


Originally slated as Garcia’s chance to vie for his first world championship title. The bout against Haney also served as an opportunity for Garcia to showcase his abilities against top-tier opponents. Particularly after enduring a setback in 2023.

In 2023, Garcia faced Gervonta “Tank” Davis and suffered two knockdowns before being stopped. By marking a notable setback in his career. The fight against Haney was seen as a pivotal moment for Garcia to demonstrate his resilience and ability to contend with boxing’s elite.

However, Garcia’s failure to meet the weight requirement not only dashed his hopes of claiming the championship belt. But also raised concerns about his professionalism and dedication to the sport. This setback underscored the challenges Garcia faced in his quest for redemption and recognition among the boxing community.

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