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Baltimore Ex Prosecutor Sentenced for Mortgage Fraud & Perjury



Marilyn Mosby Ex-Prosecutor

A federal judge asked prosecutors to explain who harmed as she thought about what punishment to give to Marilyn Mosby. Who used to be the top prosecutor in Baltimore. Mosby accused of lying under oath and committing mortgage fraud.

She became famous for charging six police officers in the death of a Black man while in custody. However, she found guilty of lying about her money situation. So she could get access to retirement funds when COVID-19 hit. Some people who support her say she prosecuted because of politics.

During the sentencing hearing, U.S. District Judge Lydia Kay Griggsby asked Assistant U.S. Attorney Sean Delaney about the potential victims as he pushed for a 20 month sentence.

Delaney acknowledged it was a valid question and clarified that it wasn’t a typical embezzlement case where victims might be more evident. He argued that when a public official like Mosby lies under oath it damages public trust making all citizens victims.


Delaney emphasized the broader impact of such actions on the community.

Delaney rejected assertions from supporters of Mosby that she unfairly singled out for prosecution. He emphasized that Mosby had consistently lied about the case and how prosecutors managed it.

Baltimore's Ex-Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby.
Baltimore’s Ex-Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby.

Delaney countered claims of selective prosecution, stating that Mosby’s actions and deception were clear and not based on any bias. He highlighted Mosby’s repeated falsehoods regarding the case and the prosecutors involved refuting any allegations of unfair treatment.

Delaney asserted that Mosby’s lies showed a lack of remorse and a disregard for the truth. He pointed out that Mosby aged 44 became nationally known for charging officers involved in the 2015 death of Freddie Gray sparking riots and protests in Baltimore.

Despite three officers being acquitted, Mosby’s office dropped charges against the remaining three. She served two terms as Baltimore’s top prosecutor before being indicted and losing reelection.


Delaney’s statement underscored the significance of Mosby’s actions and their impact on her credibility and public trust.

Civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump addressed the judge, arguing against imprisoning Mosby for what he described as a victimless “minor white collar crime.” He emphasized that such a punishment would inflict grave injustice particularly on Mosby’s two young daughters causing them additional trauma.

Crump praised Mosby for challenging the status quo during her time in office suggesting that prosecutors who advocate for equal justice are often targeted. He portrayed Mosby as a victim of unjust scrutiny due to her efforts to promote fairness in the legal system.

Crump suggested that the prosecution of Marilyn Mosby serves as a warning to progressive prosecutors. During the peak of the pandemic in 2020 Mosby withdrew $90,000 from Baltimore city’s deferred compensation plan.


She used this money for down payments on vacation homes in Kissimmee and Longboat Key, Florida. Prosecutors contended that Mosby wrongly accessed these funds by falsely stating. Her travel related business suffered due to the pandemic exploiting.

It also include provisions of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act. This portrayal highlights the alleged misuse of pandemic relief funds for personal gain and underscores the seriousness of the charges against Mosby.

In court filings, Mosby’s lawyers contended that the retirement funds she accessed were from her own income. They argued that since she paid penalties and federal taxes on the money, no one suffered deception or Mortgage fraud.

However, the government countered stating that the funds were city property until she was legally entitled to them. They asserted that Mosby’s perjury harmed those who abided by pandemic rules.


Mosby’s mortgage fraud conviction stemmed from a $5,000 “gift letter” submitted during a property loan application. Prosecutors claimed the letter falsely stated that Mosby’s husband was giving her $5,000 for the closing when it was actually her own money.

This detail illustrates the fraudulent nature of Mosby’s actions related to the property purchase.

Prosecutors emphasized the importance of the gift letter in Mosby’s mortgage fraud case, stating that without it she wouldn’t have been able to secure the loan for the property. They highlighted that the absence of the gift letter would have prevented Mosby from obtaining the property altogether underscoring its significance in the transaction.

Federal prosecutors further argued that Mosby deserved prison time because of her lack of remorse and attempts to undermine the legitimacy of the case against her. They pointed out that unlike other individuals convicted of similar white collar crimes. Mosby hadn’t shown any regret or willingness to take responsibility for her actions.


Prosecutors reiterated that Mosby was prosecuted and convicted solely because she repeatedly violated the law emphasizing that her political affiliations or policies weren’t factors in the legal proceedings against her.

Baltimore's Attorney Marilyn Mosby.
Baltimore’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby.

Mosby’s legal team appealed to the judge to avoid sentencing her to prison. They argued that she is the sole public official in Maryland to face federal charges that involve no victim financial loss or misuse of public funds. Her lawyers asserted that incarceration wouldn’t equate to justice for Marilyn Mosby.

Additionally, numerous supporters of Mosby including two of her siblings implored the judge to be lenient in sentencing. They advocated for understanding and compassion towards Mosby’s circumstances suggesting that punitive measures such as imprisonment may not be appropriate considering the context of her case.

We need Marilyn Mosby in our community. We need her experience, her knowledge, her training emphasized J. Wyndal Gordon a criminal defense attorney with a decade long acquaintance with Mosby. He argued that Mosby faced prosecution for crimes lacking a genuine victim and unrelated to her public office.

Gordon suggested that the ongoing legal proceedings stemmed from dissatisfaction with the findings of previous investigations into Mosby’s conduct.


Recently Mosby sought a presidential pardon, supported by the Congressional Black Caucus as reported by the Baltimore Sun.

Judge Griggsby approved the relocation of Mosby’s trials from Baltimore to Greenbelt a suburb of Washington D.C. Mosby’s legal team argued that years of negative media coverage in Baltimore would hinder her chances of receiving a fair trial there. This decision acknowledges concerns about impartiality in the legal proceedings