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Wolves Coach Likens Anthony Edwards to Mike Tyson



Anthony Edwards & Mike Tyson

Even though many people have been saying that Anthony Edwards plays like Michael Jordan one of the coaches from the Minnesota Timberwolves Chris Hines said something different. He compared Edwards to a famous boxer instead of a basketball player. He compared Edwards to Mike Tyson who known for his aggressive and powerful style in the boxing ring.

Speaking with reporters Jon Krawczynski and Joe Vardon from the Athletic Coach. Hines explained that he sees similarities between Anthony Edwards and Mike Tyson.

He believes Edwards possesses qualities akin to Mike Tyson because opponents find it difficult. But also defeat him when they show signs of fear during a game.

Hines expressed his confidence in Edwards by saying when I see that, I think, ‘Oh yeah they messed up. It finished. He emphasized that it doesn’t matter who is defending Edwards he will find a way to outplay them either by scoring or shutting them down defensively. Also ultimately dominating the entire opposing team.


Comparing Anthony Edwards to Michael Jordan isn’t really fair at this stage. Edwards is just 22 and this is his first real experience with the playoffs in the NBA. He hasn’t had the chance yet to build up the kind of track record. That would justify being compared to someone like Jordan.

When Michael Jordan turned 22, he was in his second year in the NBA. However, his season marred by a significant setback – a broken foot that limited him to just 18 games. Despite this setback, Jordan’s return the following season marked the beginning of an extraordinary era.

From 1986-87 to 1992-93 Jordan embarked on an unparalleled journey in basketball history. He led the league in scoring for an astounding seven consecutive seasons. He also showcasing his unmatched skill and dominance on the court. This remarkable feat solidified his status as one of the greatest players to ever grace the game.

Moreover Jordan’s success wasn’t just about individual achievements. During this period, he propelled his team, the Chicago Bulls, to three consecutive NBA championships from 1991 to 1993. His leadership determination, and sheer talent were instrumental in securing these titles further cementing his legacy as a basketball legend.

Anthony Edwards with his team.
Anthony Edwards with his team.

Jordan’s unparalleled accomplishments at such a young age set a standard that few athletes have ever reached. His relentless pursuit of excellence and unparalleled success continue to inspire generations of basketball players and fans worldwide making him a timeless icon of the sport.

Edwards wants to carve out his own identity in basketball. Speaking to ESPN’s Malika Andrews he emphasized that he doesn’t want to be constantly compared to Michael Jordan. He desires recognition for his unique style of play and abilities.

While Edwards acknowledges the influence of Jordan on his game, he wants to be seen as more than just a reflection of the basketball legend. He hopes people will view him as Anthony Edwards with his own distinct skill set and contributions to the sport.

However, Edwards did admit that there might be a hint of Jordan’s influence in his playing style. Despite this acknowledgment he highlighted one key difference between himself and Jordan – his proficiency in shooting three pointers.

Comparing Edwards to Tyson is intriguing because Tyson was known for his dominance in the boxing ring until he encountered opponents he couldn’t swiftly knock out.


However, Edwards holds an advantage over Tyson in this comparison. During the Western Conference semifinals against the Denver Nuggets the Minnesota Timberwolves faced a challenging situation.

Yet, instead of succumbing to the pressure, they responded with impressive wins in Games 6 and 7. This display of resilience suggests that Edwards akin to Tyson can confront adversity and emerge victorious.

The comparison between Edwards and Tyson gains further depth and interest in light of the Timberwolves’ ability to bounce back adding layers to the analogy.

With two All-Star selections under his belt, Edwards is undoubtedly evolving into a basketball sensation. This season marked his debut on the All NBA team signifying his growing prominence in the league. Originating from Georgia he holds the record for the Timberwolves‘ top four scoring games in playoff history with three occurring this postseason.


Should Edwards guide the Timberwolves a team often overlooked in NBA history to a championship victory this season, his already impressive reputation will soar to new heights. Such an achievement would catapult him into the realm of basketball legends and significantly elevate his status as one of the league’s premier players.

For Edwards, this ability to shoot from long range adds a dimension to his game that sets him apart from the traditional mold of a Jordan esque player. He sees it as a unique aspect of his playing style that distinguishes him from the basketball icon.

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