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Paul George Joins 76ers After Rejecting ‘Disrespectful’ Clippers Offer



Paul George leaves Clippers due to disrespectful

New Philadelphia 76ers recruit Paul George cited a disrespectful initial contract offer. And the absence of a no-trade clause as key reasons for departing his hometown LA Clippers after five seasons.

Paul George who recently inked a four-year $212 million deal with the 76ers reveal. The Clippers initially proposed a two-year $60 million contract last fall during mid-season negotiations which he postponed until February.

I was like whoa whoa whoa Paul George recounted on his podcast. Two years $60 million? That’s absurd! I couldn’t accept that.

When talks resumed after the season George sought a no-trade clause to accompany a Clippers’ offer of 3 years and $150 million.


However he stated that LA declined to include a no-trade clause or extend the deal to a fourth season. This influenced his choice to join Philadelphia teaming up with NBA MVP Joel Embiid and 2024 Most Improved Player Tyrese Maxey.

The Clippers attributed their contract offers to the NBA’s new collective bargaining agreement citing the impact of the punitive second apron. They recently signed Kawhi Leonard to a three-year $153 million extension in January.

However, it brought back James Harden on a two-year $70 million deal at the beginning of free agency last week. Which following his trade from the 76ers in November.

Paul George expressed interest in a contract similar to Kawhi Leonard’s. But revealed that the Clippers offered him less before negotiations were paused in February. He emphasized a desire to continue alongside Leonard stating.


We came here together, and we want to finish this together. I was okay with taking what Kawhi got, even if it meant less for both of us,” George stated. “But they didn’t agree to that. I suggested we revisit the negotiations at the end of the year, but their refusal to meet my terms ultimately led to my decision to leave.

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