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Checking the Facts on the Latest NBA Offseason Rumors



Checking the Facts on the Latest NBA Offseason Rumors

The flow of NBA offseason moves has slowed down significantly as July continues but there are still plenty of rumors to dissect as teams wrap up their activities and plan for the future.

The New Orleans Pelicans are in search of a center and reportedly do not intend to keep Brandon Ingram. To make matters worse there doesn’t appear to be much interest from other teams either.

Meanwhile Anthony Edwards is talking confidently Jalen Brunson is thinking about putting the team first in an unusual way. And Stephen Curry has worried the Golden State Warriors a bit.

Here we’ll tell you about the newest rumors and reports from the league and check if they’re believable. Now that the busy free agency period is over we need to be careful when we hear these stories as some might just be guesses or tricks.


And that’s why we use the B.S. meter.

Jalen Brunson might do something unusual to help his team

Jalen Brunson could become even more popular in New York. Instead of just talking about winning he might give up some of his salary to help the Knicks stay competitive in the future.

Brunson can become a free agent in 2025. He could sign a contract worth up to $269 million over five years. Alternatively he can sign a four-year extension for $156 million starting on July 12.

According to Fred Katz of The Athletic Brunson knows the current rules make it hard for teams to build strong rosters. A source says this is why he might choose the less expensive contract extension.


Many players say they care only about winning but most also want to earn as much money as they can which doesn’t always align with helping their team win.

Even before the new rules made spending more costly for teams there were limits on how much they could pay players.

If players cared only about winning they could team up and accept lower salaries to dominate the league. But they typically want to earn as much money as possible in their short careers which is understandable.

Winning matters but it’s rarely the sole priority.


BS Meter: Very low

Brunson isn’t a hero but he’s set to earn a significant amount on his next deal. His maturity leadership and dedication with the Knicks make this report seem credible.

If the 27-year-old accepts a hundred-million-dollar discount it could be what helps New York win a championship in the next few years.

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