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Atlanta Hawks Showed No Interest in Brandon Ingram



Atlanta Hawks have shown no interest in acquiring Brandon Ingram

New Orleans executed a significant trade just before free agency landing Dejounte Murray from the Atlanta Hawks. For some time the Hawks had been prominently discuss in trade rumors involving Brandon Ingram primarily due to two key factors.

Initially there was speculation that Brandon Ingram could be a suitable replacement for Dejounte Murray in the Atlanta Hawks’ lineup alongside Trae Young. Ingram’s scoring ability and versatility were see as potentially complementing Young’s playmaking skills creating a dynamic backcourt duo.

Secondly Atlanta was reportedly keen on breaking up the Dejounte Murray and Trae Young backcourt pairing. This move was influenced by the Hawks’ depth at the center position. Where they had Clint Capela and Onyeka Okongwu both capable of addressing the frontcourt needs.

That arose with Jonas Valančiūnas’ departure from the Pelicans in free agency. Capela known for his rim protection and rebounding. And Okongwu a young and promising big man provided Atlanta with solid options in the paint.


These factors together suggested that Atlanta was considering Ingram as a potential piece in restructuring their backcourt alongside. Young while also leveraging their frontcourt depth to potentially facilitate a trade that could benefit both teams’ needs.

Ultimately Atlanta showed little inclination to extend Brandon Ingram or part ways with their top centers Clint Capela. And Onyeka Okongwu sources within the league revealed. Consequently the Pelicans secured their desired starting point guard in Dejounte Murray a crucial objective heading into the offseason.

The trade that brought Dejounte Murray to New Orleans also involved sending out Larry Nance Jr. and Cody Zeller. This transaction not only filled the Pelicans’ vacancy at the starting point guard position. But also highlighted their pressing need to strengthen the center position alongside Zion Williamson.

Larry Nance Jr. and Cody Zeller both versatile frontcourt players were key pieces in the trade. That means the Pelicans are looking to realign their roster to better help Williamson. With Jonas Valancionas leaving in free agency, the team faces a huge gap on the front end making finding a qualified center a priority.


Moreover the trade has sparked speculation about the future of Brandon Ingram in New Orleans. Ingram’s role and fit within the team have come under scrutiny. As the Pelicans make strategic moves to address their roster needs.

The departure of key players like Valančiūnas. And the arrival of Murray suggest a potential shift in the team’s direction and lineup strategy moving forward.

In summary while the trade for Dejounte Murray shores up the Pelicans’ point guard position it also emphasizes the urgent requirement to secure adequate frontcourt support for Zion Williamson and raises questions about the future plans for Brandon Ingram in the team’s lineup.

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