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Massive Storms Plunge 900,000 Texans into Darkness, Dallas and Houston Hit Hard



Lighting Pole fell down to earth due to storm.

On Tuesday, many people in Texas didn’t have electricity because of strong storms. These storms brought more bad weather which push Texans into darkness. The state has hit by a lot of dangerous storms recently, causing a lot of damage and sadly, some deaths.

The storms in Dallas were really strong, with winds as powerful as those in a hurricane. At the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, the wind was blowing at 77 miles per hour on Tuesday morning. This is really fast! Because of these strong winds, more and more people in the area lost power.

Those strong storms that caused damage in Dallas also hit Houston later in the day. The winds were as strong as those in a hurricane. At Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport, the wind gusts reached up to 75 miles per hour. That’s really powerful.

On Tuesday afternoon, over 900,000 households and businesses in Texas didn’t have electricity which means this storm Texans into darkness. Because of the ongoing storms, according to More than a third of these outages were in Dallas County. Officials there declared a disaster and cautioned that the power cuts might last for days.


The storms came even as some people were still grieving for the at least seven individuals who lost their lives in Texas during the violent storms over Memorial Day weekend. Across the central US during the holiday period, storms caused devastation in five states, resulting in the tragic deaths of nearly two dozen people, including four children.

In addition to the loss of lives, many communities are facing significant damage to homes and businesses. It’s a difficult time as people not only cope with the aftermath of these storms. But also mourn the lives lost and work to rebuild what has damaged or destroyed.

Due to storm Texans gone into darkness.
Due to storm Texans gone into darkness.

The most serious threat of severe weather on Tuesday is in parts of Texas and extreme western Louisiana. The main dangers include large hail, lightning, and powerful wind gusts reaching up to 80 miles per hour with any storm.

The National Weather Service warns that there is also a possibility of a few tornadoes forming. It’s essential for people in these areas to stay updated on weather alerts and take necessary precautions to stay safe.

Communities that already hit by storms earlier on Tuesday might find themselves dealing with another round of severe weather later in the day. This new wave of storms expected to develop late in the afternoon. Which starting from western Texas and Oklahoma before moving eastward.


The storms could bring heavy rainfall, large hail, frequent lightning, and wind gusts reaching up to 80 miles per hour. Additionally, there’s a risk of tornadoes forming in some areas.

For many communities, facing back-to-back deluges adds to the challenge of recovery. With the recent onslaught of tornadoes and destructive storms across the central US in the past weeks, some areas are still in the process of picking up the pieces.

These continuous weather threats not only hinder recovery efforts but also heighten anxiety and strain resources. It’s a critical time for residents to stay vigilant, heed weather warnings, and take necessary safety precautions.

Sunday marked the busiest severe weather day of the year so far, with over 600 reports of strong winds or hail in more than 20 states. These reports included gusts of wind exceeding 75 miles per hour and hail as large as softballs.


In addition, there were 26 reports of tornadoes across 10 states.The storms caused significant destruction, turning homes and businesses into piles of rubble. Cars were flung about, and power lines were brought down, adding to the chaos and damage.

The widespread impact of these storms highlights the urgent need for communities to be prepared and resilient in the face of severe weather events.