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De Niro Faces Off with Pro-Trump Protesters



De Niro clashes with pro-Trump protestors.

President Joe Biden’s campaign organized a press conference outside the Manhattan courtroom where Donald Trump is being tried in his hush money case. Actor Robert De Niro, along with two officers who defended the Capitol from the Jan. 6 mob in 2021, stood alongside Biden’s team.

They aimed to caution against the risks of re-electing the former president. De Niro and the officers emphasized the potential consequences of Trump’s return to power. Which highlighting the importance of accountability and the preservation of democratic values.

Their message underscored the ongoing tensions and divisions in American politics. As well as the significance of the legal proceedings against Trump.

De Niro spoke passionately about the resilience of New York City in the face of adversity. Whcih recalling the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. He pointed to the nearby site where the Twin Towers once stood. By emphasizing how the city came together in the wake of tragedy.


Despite the initial devastation and the area resembling a ghost town. De Niro stressed that New Yorkers vowed not to let terrorists alter their way of life.

Expressing his love for the city, De Niro voiced concern about the potential consequences of Donald Trump’s actions. He warned that Trump’s ambitions could lead to the destruction not only of New York City. But also of the entire country and, ultimately, the world.

This stark message underscored De Niro’s deep-seated fears about the impact of Trump’s leadership on both a local and global scale.

De Niro didn’t hold back, expressing his concern bluntly. He started by saying he didn’t want to scare anyone. But then he admitted that maybe he did, and for good reason. He warned that if Trump were to be re-elected, so it would jeopardize the freedoms that people often overlook and take for granted.

De Niro is doing press conference out of court.
De Niro is doing press conference out of court.

De Niro painted a grim picture of what a second Trump presidency could look like. He suggested that under Trump’s leadership, the concept of fair elections would become a thing of the past. He emphasized that if Trump managed to regain power, also he would likely cling to it indefinitely, disregarding the democratic process.

His words were a stark reminder of the potential consequences of political apathy. While, the importance of actively safeguarding democratic principles.

After the press conference, as Niro headed back to his car, he encountered a group of pro-Trump protesters. They shouted insults at him, calling him a “wannabe,” implying that he was trying to be something he wasn’t.

Protestors accused him of being a “paid sell-out” to the Democratic National Committee. While suggesting that he was only supporting Biden for money or personal gain.

The protesters didn’t stop there they belittled Niro, calling him a “nobody” and a “little punk.” They even criticized his work, saying that his “movies suck.


Despite the verbal attacks, De Niro remained composed and continued on his way, showing resilience in the face of hostility.

De Niro refused to back down in the face of the protesters aggression. He responded firmly, stating that their attempts to intimidate him wouldn’t succeed.

Drawing a comparison to Trump’s tactics, he accused the protesters of behaving like gangsters, contrasting their behavior with what he perceived as the more dignified approach of the Democrats.

One protester attempted to insult De Niro further, calling him “washed up.” Unfazed, De Niro responded with a sharp expletive, demonstrating his defiance and unwillingness to tolerate disrespect.


Despite the heated exchange, De Niro stood his ground, unyielding in his convictions.