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‘A Tragic Mistake’ Israeli Airstrike Kills Dozens In Rafah



The aftermath of an Israeli strike in Rafah, Gaza Strip, leaves Palestinians gazing upon the wreckage where displaced individuals had sought shelter.

Many people died in Rafah on Sunday night. An Israeli airstrike hit a place where displaced civilians were staying in tents. The strike caused a big fire in the camp. Local officials said this.

Pictures showed the place covered in flames. Palestinians were screaming and running away to stay safe. Some videos on social media showed very sad images. There severely burned bodies and a man holding what looked like the body of a child without a head.

World leaders criticized the airstrike. This came shortly after the United Nations‘ highest court told Israel to stop its attacks on the southern Gaza city, where over a million people were seeking safety.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to the Knesset on Monday. He called the strike a very sad mistake.


The speaker said, We’re looking into what happened and will figure it out because we’re the police.

As people all over the world got more upset, the Israel Defense Forces first said they were aiming at two important leaders from Hamas. They also said they didn’t hit a place meant for helping people and tried to be careful not to hurt civilians. They promised to check everything thoroughly to understand what happened to the civilians who hurt or killed in the area they bombed.

Rafah in map.
Rafah in map.

Qatar said it might make it harder to stop fighting if it doesn’t get better. There was a new agreement to stop fighting in Europe over the weekend. Also, Egypt’s military said one of its soldiers died after people said there was a fight with Israeli forces near the Rafah border area.

The Israeli military said there was a shooting at the border with Egypt. They’re looking into what happened and talking with the Egyptians about it. NBC News couldn’t double check the information themselves.

Assurances of Safety Given Amidst Border Incident

The Gaza health department said that in the Tal al-Sultan area, around 35 people, mostly women and children, died. Rescue teams said more casualties might happen because some people stuck in fires after the bombing. By Monday, the number of deaths had increased to at least 45, according to the ministry.


The spokesperson for the Palestinian Civil Defense in Rafah, Muhammad Al-Mughir, told NBC News that this incident is the worst attack in Rafah in many months. He emphasized that the place targeted supposed to be safe for civilians, near U.N. storage buildings.

Palestinians survey the devastation in Rafah, Gaza Strip, following an Israeli airstrike on Monday, May 27, 2024.
Palestinians survey the devastation in Rafah, Gaza Strip, following an Israeli airstrike on Monday, May 27, 2024.

Samuel Johann, the emergency coordinator in Gaza for Doctors Without Borders, stated that the airstrike on Sunday landed less than a mile away from an MSF trauma center. He mentioned that the center had already admitted dozens of patients, with at least 28 fatalities and 180 wounded individuals arriving for treatment.

Hala Siam recounted a frightening ordeal as her family fled from their apartment building when it seemed to have hit. All of a sudden, the windows broke, she told NBC News reporters at the scene. The children terrified, so we all hurried out to the street.

Siam expressed her frustration, saying, They assured us it was safe, referring to the area where they sought refuge. But there’s nowhere truly safe in Rafah.

The IDF stated that their airstrike aimed at two Hamas leaders, alleging their involvement in planning terrorist attacks in the occupied West Bank. They acknowledged reports of civilian tents catching fire in the attack and stated that the incident currently reviewed.


It’s important to note that my last update was in January 2022, and I cannot provide real time information. As of my last update, Hamas designated as a terrorist organization by several countries and entities, including Israel, the United States, the European Union, and others.

An investigation is underway into the circumstances surrounding the deaths of civilians in a recent strike. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) expressed regret for any harm caused to civilians during combat.

Hamas, in a statement, described the strike as a horrific massacre. However, they did not confirm the death of the commander or any senior leader.

Earlier on Sunday, Hamas’ military wing announced a missile barrage targeting Tel Aviv, the first in many weeks. The IDF reported that eight projectiles identified crossing from the area of Rafah into Israeli territory, and some intercepted.


My knowledge cut off date is January 2022. Up until that point, Hamas regarded as a terrorist organization by some countries and international bodies, while others had differing perspectives.

French President Emmanuel Macron expressed his strong disapproval of the Israeli strikes in Rafah. Which stating he outraged by the loss of lives, particularly among displaced persons. He emphasized the need for these operations to cease immediately. Similarly, the European Union’s foreign policy chief, Josep Borrell, condemned the strike, expressing his horror at the situation.

On Sunday, an injured Palestinian is transported to a hospital in Deir al Balah, located in the central Gaza Strip.
On Sunday, an injured Palestinian is transported to a hospital in Deir al Balah, located in the central Gaza Strip.

A spokesperson for the U.S. National Security Council commented on the heartbreaking images emerging from the scene, indicating the distress caused by the situation.

This designation is due to Hamas’s history of engaging in violence, including attacks against Israeli civilians. As well as its refusal to recognize Israel’s right to exist and its goal of establishing an Islamic state in the region.

Last Wednesday, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan mentioned in a briefing. Before the International Court of Justice ruling that Israel’s military actions seemed to be more focused and restricted.


President Joe Biden has made it clear that any large scale attack on Rafah might lead him to halt the delivery of specific weapons.

My last update was in January 2022, and as of that time. Hamas was widely recognized as a terrorist organization by several countries and entities. Which including Israel, the United States, the European Union, and others.

Over the span of seven months of conflict, Gaza has tragically witnessed over 35,000 lives lost. As reported by local health authorities. Humanitarian organizations have raised alarm bells about the dire situation facing civilians. As with many struggling to obtain basic necessities like food and clean water.

This scarcity, coupled with a shortage of fuel, has heightened fears of a looming famine in certain areas of the enclave.