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Hilary Duff Heartwarming Moment with Baby Girl Townsie



Hilary Duff with her family. In the corner new baby girl Townsie.

Hilary Duff’s fourth child is here! Now, the Duff-Bair-Comrie family has a new member(Baby Girl Townsie). Both mom and baby look incredibly happy, like they’re in a blissful state with their newborn.

On Wednesday, Duff posted a picture of Townes Meadow Bair. Townes was wearing a cute onesie with a mermaid design, and she was all cozied up on Hilary’s chest. Hilary wrote a sweet caption for the picture, saying, ‘Townsie gahhh.’

The mermaid motif is just spot on, considering Townes made her grand entrance into the world through a water birth on May 3. As disclosed by Hilary on her Instagram post from yesterday.

In her touching post, along with sharing snapshots of the birth, Duff poured out her heart, expressing. For months, I’ve been envisioning the moment when I could finally hold you in my arms.


These past five days, where I’ve had the chance to intimately get to know you, to gaze into your eyes. And breathe in your newborn fragrance, have been filled with pure enchantment. You’ve been embraced by all of us as if you’ve been a cherished part of our family forever, my precious one.

Hilary Duff's daughter  Townes joined the family via water birth.
Hilary Duff’s daughter Townes joined the family via water birth.

Adding a touch of humor, she remarked, And now we understand why she kept us waiting for so long. She was busy perfecting those adorable cheeks.

Hilary Duff express her feelings in a post on her Instagram account.

“Townes Meadow Bair 🧸, now it all makes sense why she kept us waiting for so long. She was busy perfecting those adorable cheeks!

“I’ve been dreaming of holding you in my arms for months, and these past 5 days of getting to know you. Further, it is staring at you, and breathing in your sweet scent have been nothing short of magical. We all love you as if you’ve been a part of our lives forever, my beautiful one.”


Duff delightedly revealed her pregnancy through a charmingly humorous Christmas card back in December. The card playfully exclaimed, “So much for silent nights,” capturing the joyful chaos of the holiday season.

Turning to the back of the card, recipients were greeted with endearing snapshots of the kids. Which accompanied by a sweet note that hinted at the expanding family, saying, “Buckle up Buttercups. We’re adding one more to this bunch.” It was a heartwarming and lighthearted way for Duff to share the exciting news with her loved ones.

Hilary Duff is enjoying with her family while on the other side Hilary Duff cuddle her new born baby Townsie.
Hilary Duff is enjoying with her family while on the other side Hilary Duff cuddle her new born baby girl Townsie.

Together with her husband, Matthew Koma (originally Matthew Bair), Duff is nurturing their two daughters: Banks, aged 5, and Mae, aged 3. Additionally, she has an elder son named Luca, who is 12, from her previous marriage to Mike Comrie.

Despite Duff’s radiant pregnancy glow, she has been candid about her eagerness for it to come to an end. In a carousel of pregnancy photos shared on Instagram, she titled it. The wait hinting at her anticipation for the arrival of her newest addition. Then, on April 17, she posted images describing a “slow week,” expressing her gentle attempts to signal to the baby girl Townsie that it’s time for their arrival with an “eviction notice.

Despite Duff having to take on the role of a “hot nurse” during Koma’s recent vasectomy, he has shown to be a wonderful source of support during her pregnancy.


In a recent Instagram post, Duff shared a candid glimpse into her bustling life as a parent of four. With a touch of humor and sincerity, she reflected on the whirlwind experience of having four kids, describing it as “a truly wild choice.” She painted a vivid picture of their daily routine, mentioning hectic trips to the farmers market after multiple nights of shows and late evenings.

However, amidst the chaos, she expressed gratitude towards her partner, acknowledging his crucial role in making it all work seamlessly. She highlighted his support, mentioning how he takes charge of the kids so she can catch up on much-needed sleep and escape the endless chorus of “Mom Mom Mama Mommy Mooooom.” It was a heartfelt tribute to the teamwork and understanding that underpins their parenting journey.

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