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Dallas Stars Brighten Lives, Connecting with Kids in Mexico City



A kid is playing a shoot of ice Hockey in Mexico City.

When the Dallas Stars do well in the postseason, it brings excitement and pride to the fans. It also boosts morale and brings people together, whether they’re watching the games at home, at a bar, or even at the arena itself.
It is a good initiative by Dallas stars in Ice hockey. Today another good news for Ice hockey fans.

Additionally, success in the playoffs can lead to increased support for community initiatives and outreach programs sponsored by the team. This could include things like youth hockey programs, charity events, or partnerships with local schools.

Overall, when the Stars are in the postseason, it’s not just about winning games on the ice; it’s also about making a positive impact on the community off the ice.

Montoya is a trailblazer in the NHL as the first Cuban-American player. Now, he serves as the Vice President of Cultural Growth and Strategy for the Dallas Stars. He’s really passionate about expanding the Stars’ influence and spreading the joy of hockey to communities that haven’t had as much exposure to the sport.


This means not only focusing on local neighborhoods but also reaching out to communities around the world where hockey might not be as popular. Montoya believes in the power of hockey to bring people together, no matter where they come from or what their background is. He’s dedicated to creating opportunities for everyone to experience the excitement of the game and to help the Stars become a team that truly represents and connects with diverse cultures.

Kids in Mexico city du to initiative of Dallas Stars.
Kids in Mexico city du to initiative of Dallas Stars.

We just returned from Mexico City, and we’re planning to go back soon, Montoya explained. For us, it’s a chance to showcase what we’ve been up to and spread our message.

That message is simple: hockey is for everyone. Their goal is to share this message with children. Who might not have had the chance to experience the game otherwise.

Montoya and his team see these trips as opportunities to connect with kids. Who introducing them to hockey and showing them that it’s a sport they can enjoy too. They want to break down any barriers that might exist. And make sure that every child knows they’re welcome in the hockey community. Through their outreach efforts, they hope to inspire a new generation of fans. And players who reflect the diversity of the world around them.

We’ve kicked off a Learn to Play program in Mexico City, Montoya announced. “It’s a six-week program designed for kids aged four to 10. We launched it in April, and they’ll wrap up in May. It’s all about giving these kids a taste of the game we’re so passionate about and giving them the opportunity to play.”


The program has enrolled 50 kids, made possible through a partnership with the National Hockey League (NHL).

Through this initiative, Montoya and his team are thrilled to introduce hockey to children in Mexico City. Who might not have had the chance to experience it before. They aim to foster a love for the game. And provide these youngsters with the skills and confidence to hit the ice.

With the support of the NHL, they’re excited to see the impact this program will have on the kids and the broader community. Which helping to grow the sport in new and exciting ways.

In Dallas, Montoya has teamed up with the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Dallas for an exciting initiative called Future Stars. This program aims to introduce hockey to kids in schools and community facilities across the region, all for free.


Since its launch in 2023, the Future Stars program has seen remarkable growth. Starting with just two locations, it has now expanded to nine locations by 2024. This expansion means more children from underserved communities have the opportunity to experience the thrill of hockey.

Thanks to support and equipment provided by the program, these locations can now implement weekly youth hockey programs. This support ensures that kids have access to the necessary resources to learn and play the sport. It is regardless of their background or financial situation.

Montoya is passionate about making hockey accessible to all. So, the success of the Future Stars program demonstrates his commitment. This bringing the joy of the game to as many children as possible in the Dallas area.

The Dallas Stars have found that the Stanley Cup Playoffs not only ignite excitement among fans. But also provide a significant opportunity for community engagement. The increased attention and awareness during this thrilling postseason have resulted in a boost to fundraising efforts. Which particularly through the 50/50 raffle held at home games.


In this raffle, fifty percent of the jackpot proceeds go towards supporting the Dallas Stars Foundation. This foundation plays a vital role in nurturing and enriching the lives of North Texans through various programs focused on Youth Hockey, Community Engagement, and Health and Education.

Currently, the Dallas Stars are battling it out in the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs against the Colorado Avalanche. As the team continues its journey towards the coveted Stanley Cup, the community is rallying behind them both on and off the ice, knowing that every cheer and every raffle ticket sold is making a positive impact in the lives of North Texans.