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Post Malone & Morgan Wallen Drops New Song After Taylor Swift Collaboration



Post Malone, Morgan Wallen and Taylor Swift

Post Malone, fresh off his collaboration with Taylor Swift, has unveiled his latest single titled “I Had Some Help,” featuring the talented Morgan Wallen. The track, released on May 10, 2024, marks another exciting chapter in Post Malone’s musical journey. Which showcasing his versatility and ability to collaborate with a diverse range of artists.

Another, singer cheers a good news for his fans last night.

Fans can expect a fusion of Post Malone’s signature style with Morgan Wallen’s unique sound. Which promising an electrifying listening experience that’s sure to make waves in the music world.

Fans had been eagerly anticipating the release of the song. Especially since Malone and Wallen had been teasing snippets of “I Had Some Help” for a while. The excitement reached new heights when Wallen surprised fans during his April concert. This concert at Stagecoach by inviting Malone on stage to perform the verses of the song together for the very first time.

Post Malone and Morgan Wallen dropped their much awaited collaborative single ‘I Had Some Help with collaboration of Taylor Swift.
Post Malone and Morgan Wallen dropped their much awaited collaborative single ‘I Had Some Help with collaboration of Taylor Swift.

This live preview only fueled the anticipation further, leaving fans counting down the days. Until the official release of the highly anticipated collaboration.

In the midst of the anticipation, Malone added to the excitement by sharing a 17-second preview of “I Had Some Help” on his TikTok account. By stirring up even more enthusiasm among his fans. As the buzz continued to build, PEOPLE magazine revealed. That the official music video for the breakup anthem would premiere at 10 am ET on May 10, 2024.

With the release date and time confirmed, fans eagerly awaited the full experience of the song and its accompanying visuals. Which is ready to immerse themselves in Malone and Wallen’s latest musical collaboration.

As Morgan Wallen continues his One Night at a Time tour. He’s also dealing with legal matters stemming from a recent arrest in Nashville. Despite this, Wallen remains dedicated to his music and his fans, bringing his electrifying performances to audiences across the country.

Meanwhile, Post Malone has been making waves in the music industry with his recent collaboration with Taylor Swift. Their song “Fortnight” is featured on Swift’s latest album, “The Tortured Poets Department.” Which has been met with widespread acclaim from fans and critics alike.


Malone’s dynamic partnership with Swift has further solidified his reputation as a versatile and talented artist. By earning him praise for his contribution to the album’s success.

Morgan Wallen is currently in the midst of his “One Night at a Time” tour. Which is scheduled to run until August. Despite his busy schedule, Wallen faced legal troubles earlier this year following an arrest in Nashville. In response to the incident, he issued a public statement on X, addressing the situation. And expressing his commitment to moving forward positively. Despite the challenges, Wallen remains focused on his music career. And continues to bring his energetic performances to audiences across the country during his tour.

In his statement shared on X, Morgan Wallen expressed a need to address matters privately before publicly checking in. He revealed that he reached out to Nashville law enforcement. His family, and the staff at Chief’s to reconcile and make amends.

Wallen openly admitted that he was not proud of his behavior and took full responsibility for his actions. He also conveyed his deep respect for the law enforcement officers who dedicate themselves to ensuring the safety of the community.


Regarding his tour, Wallen clarified that there would be no changes despite the recent events, reaffirming his commitment to his fans and the scheduled performances.

However, his legal case is ongoing, with a hearing set for August. Despite the legal proceedings, Wallen continues to focus on his music career and deliver memorable performances during his tour.

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