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Will Talking About Boston Celtics Parade Jinx Their Win? Mapping Past Boston Celebration Routes



Boston Celtics is going to be ready for celebrations on Duck Truck.

The Boston Celtics are winning the NBA championship series against the Dallas Mavericks with score of 3-0.

The Mavericks have two star players, Luka Dončić and former Celtic Kyrie Irving, they are known for their tough play. Because of this the series is still competitive despite the Celtics lead 3-0.

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The Celtics have a chance to finish the series in Dallas on Friday, June 14. If the Mavericks win the game, so fifth game will played back in Boston.


The Celtics last won the championship in 2008, marked their 17th title in history. After the victory the team celebrated with a rolling rally parade in Boston. Celtics players rode through the city streets on duck boats, shared the joy with fans.

If the Celtics win their 18th championship banner, the location of their rolling rally parade is still unknown. However, it’s interesting to look back at the history of championship parades in Boston.

Boston’s Unique Parade Vessels:

Duck Truck
Duck Truck

According to the Boston duck boat website, Boston duck tours has proudly hosted four of Boston’s sports teams in rolling rally championship parade total of 12 times. The first parade they hosted for the New England Patriots in 2002 when they won their first championship.

The website explains that duck boats were initially Army vehicles designed with spacious back decks. This allowed players to stand on them and greet the crowds below during parades.

The decks were close for players to interact closely with fans, yet provided enough distance to keep them safe from being overwhelmed by the crowds.


Recalled the Celtics 2008 Championship Parade Route in Boston:

The Boston Celtics won their 17th NBA championship by defeat the Los Angeles Lakers in 2008. They clinched the title on Tuesday. Just two days later, on Thursday, the city of Boston celebrated their victory with a rolling rally.

According to the Brockton enterprise, the parade began at the TD Garden. It passed by city hall and Boston common before finished at Copley square in the back Bay neighborhood of the city.

Map the Parade Route of the Boston Bruins 2011 NHL Championship Celebration:

In 2011, the Boston Bruins won the Stanley cup by defeat the Vancouver Canucks in game 7. The decisive game took place on Wednesday. Just a few days later, on the following Saturday, Boston celebrated their championship with a parade that wound through the city streets.

According to the patriot ledger in 2011 the duck boats carried Bruins players began their parade at TD garden. They traveled down Causeway street and onto Cambridge street.


The route continued along Tremont street, turned right onto Boylston street, and concluded at Copley square in Boston.

Recalled the Route of the New England Patriots 2019 Championship Parade:

After the New England patriots defeated the Los Angeles rams in the super bowl on Sunday, February 3, 2019, their victory parade took place on Tuesday.

The parade started at the Hynes convention center. It proceeded Boylston street and continued along Tremont street towards city hall. At city hall, players had the opportunity to address the crowd during the celebration.

Revised the Parade Route of the Red Sox MLB Championship Celebration in 2004:

The Boston red sox clinched the 2004 world series by defeat the St. Louis Cardinals. The final victory came on Wednesday. Just a few days later, on Saturday, the city held a parade to celebrate the championship.


The parade route for the red sox MLB championship in 2004 began at Fenway park, the team’s home stadium. From there it continued to Boylston street and passed through Copley square.

The route turned onto Tremont street, eventually lead to city hall plaza, where the celebration concluded with speeches and festivities.


According to the Boston duck boat website, the red sox parade stretched across Boston and also included a journey to the Charles river. The celebration concluded once the water portion of the parade finished.

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