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Fans React to Scheffler’s Bold Haircut and Tan Line at US Open



Scottie Scheffler's new hair cut

At 27 years old, Scheffler was a top favorite to win the US Open with odds of 3/1. This made him like contender to win a major tournament since Tiger Woods in 2009.

The clear world no. 1, Scheffler paired with some of the best players in the game for first two rounds at Pinehurst no. 2 in North Carolina. He will playing alongside the world no. 2, Xander Schauffele, and the world no. 3, Rory McIlroy.

This exciting group brought together three top ranked golfers, which start the tournament as fans eagerly watch these top contenders compete against each other.

Scheffler is aiming to secure his third career title and sixth title in his last nine starts. Which showcased his incredible form and dominance in the sport. However, all the anticipation for his performance, his new haircut made headlines.


Fans and commentators are buzzing about his fresh trim, which has become a major talking point. Let’s dive back into the story that has everyone talking: Scheffler’s new look.

Many fans were simply relieved that Scheffler arrived at the course without any trouble. They made lighthearted jokes about his new look. However, his new haircut quickly became a hot topic of conversation.

The skin fade looked sharp and fresh, but the tan line it revealed was quite noticeable and looked a bit sore. While some fans were amused and commented on his bold style choice. But others couldn’t help but wonder about the dramatic change. Despite the mix of opinions, Scheffler’s new trim has certainly grabbed everyone’s attention as he prepares to compete.

Some fans thought Scheffler’s new haircut had ‘prison vibes’ about it, while others drew comparisons to Stewart Cink. A golfer known for having one of the most distinctive tan lines of all time.

Scotti Scheffler at Barber sitting for his hair cut.
Scotti Scheffler at Barber sitting for his hair cut.

The contrasting opinions added to the buzz, with some seeing humor in the situation and others appreciating the boldness of his new look.

Many fans just hoped that Scottie remembered to bring sunscreen with him to Pinehurst No. 2 today. By the way, here’s a memorable gem from the PGA Tour featuring Stewart Cink and his famous tan line from back in the day.

Scheffler’s haircut created quite a buzz on social media right before he began his first round. Fans and followers share their thoughts and reactions on Twitter.

“Love Scheffler’s fresh haircut! No beard, all business. Predicting a low score today! 💇‍♂️⛳️ #USOpen”

“Can’t decide if Scheffler’s new look is intimidating or inspiring. Either way, he’s definitely making a statement! #GolfStyle #FreshCut”


Bold move going with the clean-cut look right before a major tournament.

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