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UFC 302 Main Card Results, Makhachev Dominates Poirier



Makhachev VS Poirier at UFC 302

Dustin Poirier widely known as the best UFC fighter to never win an undisputed championship. On Saturday night at UFC 302 Islam Makhachev ensured that Poirier’s status remained unchanged. Makhachev submitted Poirier in the fifth round retaining his lightweight title at the Prudential Center.

Makhachev had to fight hard against tough opponent who tried everything to take away the title from the UFC 302. However, on this night, Makhachev embraced being the villain and the one to shatter Poirier’s dream.

For 4½ rounds, Poirier defended against multiple takedown attempts, escaped submissions, and got back up when things looked bad. However, during a scramble, Makhachev finally caught Poirier with a perfect ankle pick. This allowed him to lock in a d’arce choke, making Poirier tap out at 2:42 of the final round.

“He did very well,” said an exhausted Makhachev. He defended my takedowns and make it tough for me.


With this win Makhachev extended his UFC won streak to 13 surpass his mentor Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson for the longest streak in lightweight history of UFC 302.

Although Arman Tsarukyan is next in line for a title shot. Makhachev revealed he is aiming to move to welterweight to challenge for a championship in a second weight class.

I want to fight for a second belt, said Makhachev 32. “Defending the same belt isn’t the same. I need a new one. This is my dream.”

Poirier failed to win undisputed title in his third attempt. There were rumors he might retire if he lost. But he did not give a clear answer during his post fight interview.


I know I can compete with these guys. But if I continue, am I fighting just to fight? said Poirier, 35, from Louisiana. I have a little girl and a family at home, so I need to think about what’s next. This could be it.

In front of a loud crowd cheering for the challenger, Makhachev faced possibly his toughest fight ever in the UFC 302. He showed the damage on his face from Poirier’s valiant efforts.

The fight began terribly for Poirier, as he was taken down just seconds in. Makhachev went for a kimura submission, but Poirier escaped. However, Poirier ended up giving his back to the Dagestani grappler.

Makhachev methodically worked on Poirier, softening him up with strikes while keeping a body triangle locked in. Makhachev repeatedly tried for a choke, but Poirier defended well as the worried crowd cheered for him to hold on. As the first round end, a roar swept through the audience.


In the second round Poirier tried a leg kick. But Makhachev caught it and attempt a takedown. This time Poirier escape to the delight of the packed crowd of 17,834 who cheered for him. They traded strikes, with Poirier gain some advantage in the striking department.

However Makhachev show his skill by holding his own against Poirier. who known for his knockout finishes. Despite this, Poirier still managed to connect with some hooks.

Early in the third round, Makhachev took Poirier down to the mat again and found himself in a familiar position, with a body triangle and searching for another choke. The crowd fell silent as it seemed the fight might be ending soon, with Makhachev transitioning to full mount.

However, Poirier once again managed to escape, despite blood flowing from his nose. Back on their feet, Poirier shouted at Makhachev, showing his determination to keep fighting.


Poirier’s toughness persisted into the fourth round as he brushed off several takedown attempts. He landed a short elbow to Makhachev’s forehead, causing a cut, before the round ended.

Behind on the judges’ scorecards Poirier know he need knockout in the final round. He went for it, landing a solid straight right hand. But Makhachev reverted to his go to move and surprised Poirier with another takedown attempt.

This time, Makhachev’s ankle caught Poirier off guard, leaving him vulnerable. With Poirier’s neck exposed Makhachev swiftly locked in a choke and applied pressure until he sealed the victory.

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