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Canadian, 49 Women Killer Robert Pickton Dies at 74 After Attack in Prison



Robert Pickton

Robert Pickton, a Canadian serial killer died at 74 years old after attack in prison. Pickton become infamous for his crimes in 1990s and early 2000s near Vancouver. He took female victims to his pig farm. Authorities confirmed his death on Friday.

The Correctional Service of Canada announce that Robert Pickton who was serving his sentence at Port Cartier Institution in Quebec. He passed away in the hospital after hurt in an assault on May 19.

Another inmate involved in the incident. Pickton known as Canada’s most infamous serial killer and his crimes gain wide spread attention around the world.

Earlier this month police spokesman Hugues Beaulieu state that a 51 year old inmate held in custody for assault Pickton.


Robert Pickton also known as Willie who found guilty of six counts of second degree murder. He got life sentence in 2007. The judge ordered that he could not apply for parole 25 years. Pickton accused of killing 26 women.

Over 22 years ago police was searching the Pickton farm in Port Coquitlam a suburb of Vancouver. Which marked the beginning of a lengthy investigation into the disappearance of many women from the rough parts of Vancouver. These women mostly sex workers or drug users who lived on the fringes of society.

Robert Pickton in Right side, Al women killed by Robert Pickton in left side.
Robert Pickton in Right side, Al women killed by Robert Pickton in left side.

On the Pickton farm authorities discovered the remains or DNA of 33 women. Pickton claimed to an under cover police officer that he killed a total of 49 women.

During his trial, a witness named Andrew Bellwood testify that Pickton confessed to him how he strangle his victims and feed their bodies to his pigs.

Health officials even warned neighbors who might have bought pork from Pickton’s farm that it could be tainted with human remains. They were concerned about the safety of the meat.


Cynthia Cardinal, whose sister Georgina Papin was killed by Pickton, expressed relief at Pickton’s death. She believes it will help her and many other families affected by his crimes to finally find closure.

She said, “This will bring healing, maybe not to all families, but definitely to most. I feel like, finally, I can start to heal and move forward. I can leave this behind me.”

Critics slammed the Vancouver police for not treat the cases seriously. Especially because many of the missing women were sex workers or drug users.

Canadian correctional service announced they were investigating the attack on Pickton.


The correctional service state that their investigation would look into all the details of the assault. Which include whether proper rules and procedures followed. They also acknowledged the significant impact of Pickton’s crimes on communities. Especially Indigenous people, victims, and their families. They express sympathy and support for them during this time.

Pickton confirmed that he kill six victims Sereena Abotsway, Mona Wilson, Andrea Joesbury, Brenda Ann Wolfe, Georgina Papin, and Marnie Frey.

Public Safety Minister Dominic LeBlanc release a statement acknowledge the death of an inmate at Port Cartier Institution. He express his condolences to the families of Pickton’s victims, recognize the severity of the crimes commitment.

During Pickton’s sentence, British Columbia Supreme Court Justice James Williams stated that it was a rare case deserve the longest possible period before parole eligibility.