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The Blue Tape Strategy in Oklahoma Softball WCWS Journey



Jordy Bahl

In the world of college softball, Oklahoma stands out as a powerhouse team. They have spent years perfecting their game and strategies in their quest for another national championship. Now as they gear up for this year Women College World Series. Its the ideal moment for them to showcase all those tricks and tactics they’ve honed over time.

When the Sooners step onto the field they usually sport their signature burgundy attire. But do not be fooled their love for colors is not limited to just one. Especially when it comes to their star catcher Kinzie Hansen.

As she crouches behind home plate ready to catch those wild pitches. She do not only decked out in her usual catcher gear. But also adorned with a patch of blue tape snugly placed on her chest protector.

People often raise eyebrows at Hansen choice. Is it about looking cool or does it serve a purpose? Some wonder if its a nod to the Smurfs or inspired by the Blue Man Group.


Social media is buzzing with debates. But the truth behind why Hansen wears the blue armor is straightforward. Lets just say its incredibly beneficial ever since she started.

Unveiling the Blue Tape:

Oklahoma decision to deck out its catcher gear in blue tape boils down to one thing. Which winning more games than their opponents. Its as simple as that.

The Sooners began using this strategy back in 2023 when their star pitcher. Jordy Bahl was dominating in the circle. As a sophomore at the time Bahl aimed to improve her aim by having a clearer view of her target.

Bahl hitting a shot
Bahl hitting a shot

That’s when Oklahoma catchers started soaking their chest protectors in a vibrant sea of blue. Which carefully placing strips of blue tape across their sternums. Whenever Bahl stepped onto the mound.

The change proved to be incredibly effective. Before the introduction of the blue tape Bahl’s record stood at 4 wins and 1 loss with an ERA of 2.66. During that time she pitched for 29 innings and conceded 14 walks.


However after the implementation of the blue tape Bahl’s performance skyrocketed. She went on an impressive winning streak recording 17 wins and 0 losses with an astonishingly low ERA of 0.52. In this remarkable stretch of games she only allowed two home runs and issued just 22 walks.

I believe the blue tape is just something for her to focus her eyes on stated Oklahoma coach Patty Gasso as reported by The Oklahoman. There was nothing fancy about it. There was no deep meaning. Its simply about giving her a clear target to aim for. The blue color stands out against the catcher’s gear. Which making it easier for her to concentrate on her throws.

Fueled by the strong bond between Oklahoma’s pitcher and catcher. The Sooners surged to claim their seventh national championship. Bahl played a crucial role in this triumph. Which delivering an impressive performance with 11 strikeouts in the championship game against Stanford.

Despite her departure from the program shortly afterward Bahl transferred to Nebraska. While it should be closer to home her impact on Oklahoma’s success remains deeply ingrained. Which symbolized by the blue tape adorning the catcher’s chest protector.

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