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Scottie Scheffler Case Officer Praises Golfer, Calls Out Attorney in Statement



Officer thanks to golfer Scottie Scheffler for his behavior.

After the charges against pro golfer Scottie Scheffler dropped. Detective Bryan Gillis who played a central role in the case wrote a letter. In this letter he thanked Scheffler for his behavior during the tough times.

In his letter case handler Bryan Gillis mentioned that both him and Mr. Scottie Scheffler agreed there would be no hard feelings moving forward. He appreciated Scheffler choice to handle the situation with dignity, humility and respect. Instead of reacting negatively in public. Gillis and his family expressed gratitude for Scheffler conduct.

However Gillis took exception to assertions made by Scheffler prominent attorney Steve Romines. Which characterizing his remarks as unfortunate and disturbing. Romines had spoken during a press conference following the court hearing on Wednesday. Which claiming that Gillis had not forcibly detained and labeling the arrest as false. Gillis found these comments troubling as they seemed to contradict the events as he understood them.

Scottie Scheffler
Scottie Scheffler

I would surprised and disappointed if Mr. Scheffler actually had any involvement in making those statements Gillis remarked. Just to clarify I pulled by the car and fell to the ground. Further, sustained visible injuries to my knees and wrist. I will heal from this and everything will be alright.

During the press briefing Romines also mentioned that the sole reason. Scheffler was not pursuing legal action against the Louisville Metro Police Department. Which was due to concerns that taxpayers would ultimately foot the bill.


He did not do anything wrong, Romines emphasized. And I have stated multiple times as more evidence surfaces. It becomes increasingly evident that Scottie was a victim in this situation.

During the press conference Romines addressed inquiries regarding statements made by Scheffler shortly after he informed of his Miranda Rights. In a video capturing Scheffler arrest he can heard apologizing and explaining to the officer that he did not realize Gillis was a police officer when he attempted to stop him.

Scheffler also mentioned to the officer that he worried about being late for his tee time. So he made the decision to continue moving forward acknowledging that he should have stopped.

When questioned about the inconsistency between Scheffler’s statement in the video and Romines remarks. Romines attributed it to Scheffler being interrogated after the most stressful situation of his life. He further asserted that Gillis was posing leading questions to Scheffler. Romines concluded with the advice And thats why you do not talk to police.


Scheffler’s post hearing comments differed in tone from those of his attorney.

In line with what I mentioned earlier this was a regrettable misunderstanding Scheffler penned. I bear no grudge against Officer Gillis. My aim is to leave this incident in the past and focus on moving forward. I hope he shares the same sentiment. Police officers face challenging tasks. I hold them in high esteem. This was a significant miscommunication amidst a chaotic scenario.

Scheffler also reflected on the tragic loss of life that occurred during the fatal crash that morning, a sentiment that Gillis echoed.

The truth is there are more significant matters in the world right now than arguing back and forth about this Gillis remarked. A person lost their life that day and a family is grieving the loss of a loved one. Ultimately I take pride in my role in serving the community and ensuring their safety.


Gillis expressed his desire to continue serving the community. As he has for the past two decades without the distractions caused by this series of events.

I extend my best wishes to Scottie Scheffler and his family he remarked.

Gillis concluded his statement with a lighthearted remark about his pants. Which had torn during the incident.

For those who are curious yes my pants were indeed ruined. But Scottie no worries he quipped. I never imagined my pants would become the most famous pair in the country for a few weeks because of this. Take care and stay safe, Bryan.