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Student’s Courageous Journey Driving Ambulance 1500 Miles to Gaza



Student Umran Ai Javed receives BBC award for war relief effort

A Scottish student’s driving an ambulance to Gaza to help folks hit by war. He’s over halfway there! Umran Ali Javaid bought the it in January and got approval from COGAT in Israel in March. Soon, he will hand it over to the UN agency UNRWA at the Rafah border.

Umran, studying International Tourism and Event Management, said, ‘Innocent civilians, especially kids, need help during war. This ambulance can transport the injured and infants, equipped with a neo-natal ventilator.’

He has done this before, delivering 40 ambulances to conflict zones, even driving one to a small hospital in Ukraine in September. Lots of paperwork’s needed before the ambulance crosses into Gaza, dealing with COGAT in Israel and the Egyptian authorities.

He set off from Glasgow last week, passing through the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, and now Italy. Tomorrow, it’s Greece, then Turkey, and finally a ship to Egypt, reaching the Rafah border soon.


Ambulance getting

Umran’s keeping in touch with different authorities and grateful for everyone helping get the ambulance there.

During his journey, he’s seen heartbreaking scenes: ‘Innocent civilians are always the first hit by war horrors. It’s awful to witness what’s happening in the region.’

Student UmranALi Javed is standing in his Ambulance which purchased for help civilians in Gaza.
Umran Ali Javed in the ambulance while purchased it by COGAT

He notes that markings and sirens easily identify British ambulances, which are well-equipped for medical emergencies. They’re crucial for evacuating civilians from danger zones.

He’s heard stories of babies dying from hunger in hospitals due to the lack of ventilators and inability to evacuate them.

This ambulance is like a mini-hospital, able to support infants, the elderly, and the injured. But it’s just one ambulance, which will help a few hundred people in the coming months, representing merely a drop in the ocean compared to what’s needed.


This ambulance is like a mobile ICU, helping babies, old folks, and the injured. But, hey, one it can only do so much. Compared to what’s really needed, it’s just a drop in the bucket.

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