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J. Cole ‘s Clues at Kendrick Lamar in ‘7 Minute Drill’ Explained



J. Cole Sends Warning to Kendrick Lamar.

J. Cole surprised the rap world by dropping his “Might Delete Later” project out of the blue on Friday, April 5. The mixtape hit streaming platforms without any prior notice, causing a stir among fans. One track that caught everyone’s attention was the powerful closer, “7 Minute Drill.” In this song, Cole seems to be firing back at Kendrick Lamar’s disses on Future and Metro Boomin’s “Like That.” With lines like “I got a phone call, they say that somebody dissing/ You want some attention, it comes with extensions,” Cole teased listeners, sparking speculation and excitement throughout the hip-hop community.

He goes on to diss Kendrick Lamar’s albums, like calling “Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers” tragic, and suggesting that “To Pimp A Butterfly” made listeners fall asleep, despite winning a Grammy.

J. Cole’s Surprise Release ‘Might Delete Later’ Takes Billboard by Storm

“He’s still doing shows, but he’s fallen off like the Simpsons. Your first stuff was great, but your latest was a disaster. Your second stuff put people to sleep, but they hyped it up. Same as your third stuff was huge, that was your peak. I was right behind you and now I’m hitting my peak. I’m at the front of the line with a big lead. Isn’t it ironic? As soon as I got it, now he wants something with me,” rants the Dreamville CEO.

Check out "7 Minute Drill" below and feel the heat of J. Cole's latest fire track.
Check out “7 Minute Drill” below and feel the heat of J. Cole’s latest fire track!

J. Cole Sends Warning to Kendrick Lamar: ‘The Gloves Could Come Off’ in New Diss Track!

In a fiery exchange, Cole hints that this is just the beginning, issuing a ‘warning shot’ to Kendrick. He’s not holding back, calling out Kendrick’s sparse output of hard verses and questioning why they’re even discussing him if he’s not dissing. Despite his respect for Kendrick, Cole makes it clear that he’s ready to humble him if necessary.


Continuing the onslaught, Cole highlights Kendrick’s limited discography, cleverly echoing Jay-Z’s iconic diss track ‘Takeover.’ With lines like ‘Four albums in 12 years, n—a, I can divide,’ Cole shows he’s not afraid to take aim at Kendrick’s track record. The tension is palpable as fans eagerly await Kendrick’s response to Cole’s bold challenge.

The latter part of “7 Minute Drill” switches up the beat, with Conductor Williams taking over from T-Minus, sparking speculation among fans that the production samples Drake’s “Energy” from his album “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.”

Might Delete Later

For those curious about the song title’s origin, J. Cole’s manager Ibrahim Hamad shed some light on it during a recent appearance on the Say Less podcast. He explained that Cole often engages in what they call “seven-minute drills” as a way to overcome writer’s block. Essentially, Cole and his crew challenge each other to rap for seven minutes straight over various beats, aiming to break free from overthinking and just let the creativity flow. It’s a spontaneous exercise where they set a timer and dive into writing whatever comes to mind, whether it’s about pizza or anything else.

Might Delete Later‘ sets the stage for an action-packed weekend as J. Cole gears up to headline his fourth annual Dreamville Fest in Raleigh, N.C. This highly anticipated event promises to be an electrifying experience for fans, combining the excitement of Cole’s surprise release with the thrill of his live performance. Don’t miss out on the festivities as Cole takes the stage to deliver an unforgettable show on Sunday, April 7th.


Check out “7 Minute Drill” below and feel the heat of J. Cole’s latest fire track.

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