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Netherlands vs Turkey Preview: Euro 2024 Quarter Final Match



Netherlands vs Turkey Preview Euro 2024 Quarter Final Match

A big game is coming up on Sunday between the Netherlands vs Turkey at 4:30 a.m. Australian Eastern Standard Time, broadcasted on Sports Groovy.

Recently, we witnessed a fantastic performance by Turkey, which will undoubtedly make it tough for the Netherlands.

Turkey plays at such a high tempo and presses really hard, showing no respect for their opponents. They play their game their way, which was evident in their recent match, and they are likely to bring the same intensity against the Netherlands.

For the Netherlands, Cody Gakpo stood out with a brilliant finish, demonstrating that he is finding his stride. His performance for the national team is something Liverpool fans are eager to see replicated at the club level.


When Gakpo plays on the left side, he is direct, cuts inside, and takes his shots, which Liverpool has been missing. He has great technique and mobility, making him a key player for the Netherlands.

Turkey’s relentless pressing and high tempo could upset the Netherlands, who prefer to manage the ball and keep the game ticking until they reach the final third.

In contrast, Turkey’s end-to-end style and relentless pressure can catch the Netherlands off guard. The spirited performance of Turkey has been a joy to watch, and they have surprised many as the dark horses of the tournament.

Defensively, Turkey was outstanding in their last match. The goalkeeper made incredible saves, and the defenders, including two who scored, were disciplined and compact. This solid defensive performance was unexpected, as many anticipated an end-to-end basketball-style game, but Turkey’s ability to defend could be crucial in their upcoming match.


When asked who I back to win this quarterfinal, I’m going with Turkey again. Their spirit, relentless play, and recent performances make them my favorites. Plus, I’m a fan of Turkey and have a holiday planned there next week.

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So, the next big game is Netherlands vs Turkey on Sunday at 4:30 a.m. Australian Eastern Standard Time on sports groovy. Did you enjoy this preview? If so, hit subscribe and like for more content!

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