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Kansas City Chiefs’ Daughter Ava Hunt Looks Like Taylor Swift’s Twin



NFL heiress Ava Hunt put on a very-stunning display as she attended her final high school dance over the weekend in a $765 Love Shack Fancy maxi dress.

Ava Hunt, the daughter of Clark Hunt, owner of the Kansas City Chiefs football team, marked her senior year spring formal in style. She wore a dress that brought back memories of Taylor Swift’s iconic ‘Lover’ era. With its romantic vibes and elegant flair, Ava’s outfit captured the essence of Swift’s timeless look, making her the talk of the event.

Hunt’s dress, with its flowing design and soft sunset hues, adorned with delicate floral prints and charming ruffled lace trims, drew immediate comparisons.

People noted similarities to both a bodysuit worn by Travis Kelce’s girlfriend, and the cover art of Taylor Swift’s seventh studio album, ‘Lover,’ which debuted back in 2019. The combination of these elements created a captivating and unforgettable ensemble for Ava’s special occasion.

The teen posed with her fellow classmates in photos from the formal.
The teen posed with her fellow classmates in photos from the formal.

The daughter of the CEO of the Chiefs, a football team, posted lots of pictures on Instagram from her big night. In the photos, you could see her friends, her date, and even her parents. It seems like she had a really great time and wanted to share those memories with everyone.

After the daughter of the Chiefs’ CEO shared her pictures on Instagram, people started commenting on them. One fan wrote that she looked like a “literal Barbie Doll.” This means they thought she looked incredibly beautiful, like the popular toy doll Barbie. It seems like the fan was really impressed with how she looked in the photos.


In December 2023, Hunt, the daughter of the Chiefs’ CEO, got to meet Taylor Swift, a singer who has won 14 Grammy awards. They met at an NFL game where the Chiefs were playing against the Buffalo Bills.

After meeting Swift, Hunt posted a picture of them together on social media. In the photo, Hunt can be seen presenting Swift with a gift wrapped in ribbon. Fans were really curious about what could be inside the gift, as Hunt didn’t reveal it in the post. It left everyone guessing and excited to find out what the special present was.

In the post, Hunt wrote, “Enchanted to meet you @taylorswift,” referring to a famous line from a Taylor Swift song. This means that Hunt felt very happy and excited to have met Taylor Swift. They used the word “enchanted” to express their joy, like they were under a magical spell from meeting her.

By tagging Taylor Swift in the post, Hunt wanted to share their excitement directly with her and maybe even get her attention. Overall, the caption shows Hunt’s admiration and delight at meeting someone they admire, using a bit of wordplay from Swift’s lyrics to express their feelings.


The singer known for her song “Clara Bow” is currently taking a break from her Eras Tour. The tour will start up again in Europe in May. Her newest album, called “The Tortured Poets Department,” is getting lots of praise from fans and critics alike. It’s doing really well on music streaming platforms like Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Music.

In fact, it’s breaking records on those platforms, which means a lot of people are listening to it and loving it. So even though she’s taking a break from touring, her music is still making a big impact and gaining lots of attention.

Ava is the youngest child of Clark Hunt and Tavia Shackles.
Ava is the youngest child of Clark Hunt and Tavia Shackles.

Ava’s dad, who’s 59 years old, looked really happy and proud. He was wearing a nice button-down shirt and some trousers, all neat and tidy. You could see the pride shining in his eyes as he put his arm around Ava, maybe for a family photo or just because he was so glad to be with her. It was one of those moments where you could just feel the warmth and love between a parent and child.

Just last month, Ava shared some exciting news: she officially committed to joining Southern Methodist University’s cheer squad in the fall. Her parents couldn’t have been happier or prouder. It was a big moment for Ava, and her parents were thrilled to see her achieving her goals and pursuing her passions. You could almost feel the excitement buzzing in the air as they celebrated Ava’s accomplishment together.

“It’s official” exclaimed the teen with overflowing gratitude. So beyond thankful for the opportunity to keep doing what I love. She gushed as she shared a carousel of images capturing the moment she signed her contract with the school.


In each snapshot, you could see the sheer joy on Ava’s face as she put pen to paper, sealing her commitment to Southern Methodist University’s cheer squad. It was a milestone moment filled with excitement and anticipation for the journey ahead.

One of the images showed Ava with a big grin on her face as she placed her pen to the paper, ready to write her name. You could practically feel her excitement leaping off the screen. In another photo, Ava sat beside her new coaches, her parents standing proudly behind her. It was a picture of support and encouragement, capturing the momentous occasion from every angle.

Later on, Ava’s mom took to her own social media account to share just how proud she and her husband were of their daughter’s accomplishment. She expressed their joy and admiration for Ava’s determination and hard work, highlighting the significance of this achievement in their family’s journey. As it was a touching tribute to a moment they would cherish forever.

Congratulations, @AvaHunt, on committing to cheer at SMU,” she wrote. “Your hard work, dedication, and God given abilities have brought you this incredible opportunity.” So her message radiated pride and admiration, acknowledging Ava’s efforts and talents that led to this significant milestone. It was a heartfelt tribute, celebrating Ava’s achievements and the exciting journey that lay ahead at Southern Methodist University.

In the last year alone, the teen - who has over 42,000 followers - has visited Iceland, Cape Cod, Aspen, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Jerusalem, and Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.
In the last year alone, the teen – who has over 42,000 followers – has visited Iceland, Cape Cod, Aspen, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Jerusalem, and Cabo San Lucas in Mexico.

“We are so proud of you and grateful to God for guiding you on this journey,” they continued. “Your joy is contagious, and we can’t wait to see you shine bright at the next level.” So their words overflowed with love and support, expressing their excitement for Ava’s future endeavors.

The prominent family, worth an estimated $24.8 billion according to Forbes. While she enjoyed certain luxuries thanks to their connections to a major sports figure. Ava Hunt didn’t shy away from flaunting these perks online.

Her social media feeds showcased lavish vacations to top destinations worldwide. Which stays in luxurious five star resorts, flights in private jets, dining experiences at some of the most exclusive restaurants. So its attendance at elite sporting events where she received VIP treatment.

In just the past year, the teen, boasting over 42,000 followers, jet setted to Iceland, Cape Cod, Aspen,. And further Zimbabwe, South Africa, Jerusalem, and Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, among other glamorous locales.

A highlight of her social media presence was hanging out with pop superstar Taylor Swift, courtesy of her dad’s connections. While she posted a picture with the “Cruel Summer” songstress back in December, giving her followers a glimpse into her star-studded lifestyle.


Ava Hunt also seen embracing the singer. Who is in a relationship with Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce, after the team’s victory at the Super Bowl in February.

The heartwarming moment captured Ava’s excitement and connection with Taylor Swift. It is adding another memorable experience to her already impressive roster of encounters. It was a snapshot of joy and camaraderie amid the celebrations of a major sporting event.

Ava’s older sister, Gracie Hunt, aged 25, shares a similar path in pageantry and modeling. Boasting a substantial following on Instagram by showcase her glamorous lifestyle, much like Ava Hunt.

While Ava Hunt has ventured into the realm of pageantry, following in her mother’s footsteps. She has also found her true passion in cheerleading. In 2021, she took part in the Texas Outstanding Teen pageant, demonstrating her versatility and ambition.


Her dedication to cheerleading shines through her achievements. In 2020, she clinched the first place title at the cheerleading State Championships, showcasing her talent and skill in the sport. The following year, she was honored with the role of varsity cheer captain at her school. Also a testament to her leadership and commitment.

As Ava approaches her high school graduation in May. While she holds aspirations to represent the Chiefs in the future. In 2021, she shared a snapshot of herself jumping with enthusiasm at the Chiefs cheerleader auditions, expressing her aspirations with the caption, “I didn’t actually audition for Chiefs cheer. But maybe one day!” Her determination and ambition to pursue her dreams are evident. While setting her on a path to potentially join the ranks of the Chiefs cheerleaders in the future.

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