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Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Bold Idea 9-1-1 Meets ‘The Bachelor’ in TV Crossover



9-1-1’ & ‘The Bachelor’ Crossover Is Happening Because Of Jennifer Love Hewitt

Guess who’s cooking up the excitement in the next ‘9-1-1’ episode? Yes, it’s our favorites Jennifer Love Hewitt. She is bringing the action straight to the Bachelor Mansion. How awesome is that? We’re totally loving her even more now.

So, here’s the scoop straight from Tim Minear, the brains behind ‘9-1-1’. He spilled to Entertainment Weekly that Jennifer Love Hewitt, big-time fan of ‘The Bachelor’, gave him a buzz after hitting up one of their finales. She was all like, ‘Hey, wouldn’t it be epic if the 118 crew got a call at the Bachelor mansion?’ And boom, that’s how the whole crossover episode idea kicked off.

All Characters of 9-1-1 showing their unity and teamwork with Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jennifer Love Hewitt and her team

In the upcoming episode of ‘9-1-1’ airing on Thursday, April 4, things get wild when the crew receives a call from none other than ‘The Bachelor’ host, Jesse Palmer. Here’s the deal: one of the show’s contestants ends up supergluing herself to the driveway right in front of the Bachelor mansion! And get this, Bachelor Joey Graziadei makes an appearance, playing himself in the scene. You can see him looking all worried after Palmer, who’s 45, gives the paramedics a ring. Talk about a crossover event you won’t wanna miss.

In the teaser, Maddie (played by Hewitt) and Josh (played by Bryan Safi) were the ones manning the 9-1-1 phones when the call came in. After they hung up and sent help, they totally reeked out together, fangirling over the whole situation. It was like a mini celebration of their awesome teamwork.

Teamwork Triumph

So here’s the scoop from Minear he got in touch with ABC, the network that airs both ‘9-1-1’ and ‘The Bachelor’, to pitch Hewitt’s idea. Now, Hewitt, who’s 45 and a huge fan of ‘The Bachelor’, even attended the Golden Bachelor “After the Final Rose” special back in December 2023.


“I gave ABC a shout, and they reached out to ‘The Bachelor’ folks. We all hopped onto a Zoom call,” Minear, who’s 60, spilled to EW. “We started brainstorming what we could do. And you know what? ‘The Bachelor’ crew was super supportive and offered to guide us through their process. And when it came time to shoot, they were right there with us, making it happen.

Jennifer Love Hewitt enjoying her serial 9-1-1
Jennifer Love Hewitt

So, here’s the next part of the story Minear explained, We actually got the ‘Bachelor’ crew involved to shoot the first part of the case, making it feel like you’re right in ‘The Bachelor’ world. Then, when things take a turn and they need to dial 9-1-1, we switch gears into the ‘9-1-1’ world. And that’s how it all came together. It just seemed like such a cool idea.

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