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Børsen Big Famous Building in Europe Falls Down After Big Fire



Børsen Stock Exchange getting fired. It's old landmark of Europe.

Early this morning, one of Europe’s famous buildings, the Old Stock Exchange in Denmark, caught fire. It’s often called the “Notre Dame of Denmark.” The historic Børsen, built in the 17th century, is located in the heart of Copenhagen. Onlookers were shocked as they watched the distinctive spire of the building collapse in the flames. It’s a significant loss for the city’s heritage.

Smoke rising into the sky above central Copenhagen.
Smoke rising into the sky above central Copenhagen.

Thankfully, everyone inside the building managed to evacuate safely. As the flames spread, people rushed to save some of the historic paintings housed within the Old Stock Exchange. People cherish these paintings as pieces of Denmark’s heritage.

Despite efforts to contain the fire, the intense heat caused the building’s iconic spire to collapse. This spire, a tall pointed structure, was a distinctive feature of the Old Stock Exchange. The people of Copenhagen deeply feel the loss.

Børsen Stock Exchange:

The Old Stock Exchange, also known as Børsen, dates back to the 17th century. Its grandeur and historical significance make it a beloved landmark in the city. Seeing it engulfed in flames is a heartbreaking sight for residents and visitors alike.

Observers witnessed the Old Stock Exchange’s distinct 56-meter spire, shaped like the tails of four dragons twisted together, surrounded by flames just before it collapsed. Gray smoke billowed into the sky over Copenhagen as people on their way to work stopped to watch in shock. This building is a popular tourist spot, so seeing it burn was unbelievable for many.


The fire, situated near government buildings, was visible from miles around in Copenhagen. Emergency services rushed to the scene to help. Their priority was to save all the famous artwork stored inside the Old Stock Exchange. It’s crucial to preserve these valuable pieces of history.

As the fire continued to rage, observers spotted authorities carrying out numerous paintings from the Old Stock Exchange one by one. Passersby also joined in to help salvage whatever they could from the building.

Danish Culture Minister Jakob Engel-Schmidt expressed his dismay on Twitter, sharing, “Terrible pictures from the Stock Exchange this morning. 400 years of Danish cultural heritage in flames.” His tweet highlighted the severity of the situation and the loss of centuries-old cultural treasures.

The Employers’ Association Dansk Erhverv, headquartered in the Børsen, expressed their shock, stating, “We are witnessing a terrible sight.” This sentiment reflects the deep sadness felt by many witnessing the destruction of such a significant landmark.


Despite the devastating scene, emergency services worked tirelessly to contain the inferno and prevent further damage. They focused their efforts on rescuing as much artwork and historical artifacts as possible from the Old Stock Exchange, demonstrating the value they place on preserving Denmark’s rich cultural heritage.

“The stock market is on fire. Everyone is asked to stay away from the area around Slotsholmen. The fire authorities are on the scene.” Police have blocked several roads in central Copenhagen and are urging people to steer clear of the area.

Firefighters are working hard to battle the inferno, but there are concerns that it could spread. As a precautionary measure, authorities are evacuating the finance ministry and nearby residences.

The cause of the fire is still unknown. Jakob Vedsted Andersen, director of emergencies at Hovedstadens Beredskab, explained that extinguishing the fire at Børsen is challenging due to its old construction, with many wooden structures and a copper roof that traps heat inside. He mentioned that the firefighting efforts will likely last throughout the day.


Andersen also noted that the flames spread from the basement to the attic at the center of the building. Ambulances are on standby at the scene, although there have been no reports of casualties so far.

Børsen, Copenhagen’s stock exhange:

The building before today’s inferno.
The building before today’s inferno.

Børsen, also known as ‘the Exchange’ in Danish, is nearly 400 years old, making it one of Copenhagen’s oldest buildings. Throughout its long history, it has served various purposes, including as a marketplace and a commodity exchange hall. Currently, it houses the Danish Chamber of Commerce office.

King Christian IV ordered the construction of Børsen in 1619, and it was mostly completed about five years later. They added its distinctive spire, known as the ‘Dragespir,’ in 1625. This spire adorns four dragon tails intertwining around it, topped by three crowns symbolizing the Scandinavian empire of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

Legend has it that the dragons atop Børsen have protected the building from enemy fires over the centuries. Despite conflicts and fires occurring elsewhere, such as the Proviantgaarden fire in 1990, Børsen itself remained unscathed.

Inside Børsen, priceless paintings, including Peder Krøyer’s ‘From the Copenhagen Stock Exchange (Study),’ were rescued from the recent blaze. However, authorities have largely closed the building to the public, restricting access to those attending galas, conferences, parties, or occasional guided tours.

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