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Trump Warns of World War Over Iran-Israel Tensions Under Biden



Iran wouldn't have attacked Israel 'if I were President': Donald Trump

At a press conference on Friday in Palm Beach, Florida, former President Donald Trump talked about how the conflict between Israel and Hamas in Gaza might get much bigger and involve many countries. He also criticized President Joe Biden on Saturday. He said, Biden didn’t handle Iran’s big attack on Israel well. According to Trump, made America look weak in the Middle East. Trump, who’s running for president again as a Republican, blamed Biden for the tense situation in the Middle East, suggesting that it could lead to a world war. This information was reported by Politico.

During a campaign rally in Pennsylvania, former President Donald Trump expressed his support for Israel, saying they’re currently facing attacks due to what he sees as America’s weakness. He referred to Iran’s recent drone and missile attack on Israel as unprecedented. Iran claimed it was retaliation for an attack on its consular building in Syria, which resulted in the deaths of seven Revolutionary Guards members, including two generals.

Trump, who during his presidency ordered the killing of a top Iranian military leader and withdrew the US from the Iran nuclear deal, has criticized his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, for being too soft on Iran. Trump believes that if he were still in office, the situation would be different.

Despite the tensions, Trump assured that America stands with Israel and prays for its safety. Meanwhile, President Biden was in discussions with his top military and national security advisers at the White House, emphasizing the US commitment to Israel’s security against threats from Iran and its allies.


During a press conference, Trump expressed concern that the situation in Israel might escalate into a global conflict. He criticized President Biden, claiming Biden lacks competence, saying, “He doesn’t know what he’s doing.”

Earlier in the conference, Trump remarked that the United States is becoming weaker, describing it as a “declining nation.” He specifically mentioned the record-breaking inflation occurring in the country.

Meanwhile, President Biden was meeting with his important military and national security advisors at the White House. He affirmed the US’s full commitment to ensuring Israel’s security against threats from Iran and its allies.

The Israel Defense Forces reported that more than 200 missiles and drones were launched, but most were intercepted. Some caused minor damage in southern Israel.


In response, President Biden assured unwavering support for Israel’s security, pledging to stand with them against Iran’s threats.

However, Donald Trump criticized Biden’s response, calling it “taped.” On Truth Social, he further criticized Biden, saying this wasn’t the time for pre-recorded speeches.