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10 Must-Know Highlights from the EURO 2024 Quarterfinals



10 Must-Know Highlights from the EURO 2024 Quarterfinals

The Iron Masked Man

Euro 2024 Quarterfinals Highlights the team to the last two World Cup Finals his tactics questioned. Mbappe’s captaincy isn’t getting much sympathy in France, even though he believes his mask is affecting his vision. Some think the broken nose is an excuse to cover up other fitness issues. Others question the toughness of the 25-year-old.

Former Arsenal player Emanuel Petit is one of them. Known for his direct opinions, Petit told:

“You know, it’s been like this for two weeks. Is he To take a shower? Come on, it’s just a broken nose. You know how many players have played with a broken nose in the past without a mask? So, he’s complaining about the mask. So, take your mask and put it straight in the garbage.”


It’s been that kind of tournament with players and teams. Various nations criticized even while still competing in Euro 2024 Quarterfinal.

Mbappe, who has already won the World Cup and scored in two Finals at a young age, is facing harsh criticism. This says more about modern society than it does about him.


I mentioned this during the last round: just like the 2010 World Cup led to Goal Line Technology, recent events in Euro 2024 quarterfinals might push UEFA to tighten the handball rule.


Years ago, Sepp Blatter embarrassed by a major mistake and felt forced to act. Now, Aleksander Ceferin might face similar pressure. Germany feels they unfairly eliminated from their own tournament due to Marc Cucurella’s unpunished handball in extra time, while the hosts benefited from a similar situation against Denmark.

The problem is that some officials would have given a penalty, and sometimes VAR would have stepped in. If technology not used consistently, it becomes pointless. Fans, players, and managers don’t have to agree with the rule, but we all need to know what the rule is.

Yellow Card Cut Off

Spain has questioned the rule that resets yellow cards after the Euro 2024 Quarterfinals. It seems harsh that a booking in the group stages, then in the Round of 16 or Euro 2024 Quarterfinals, can cause a player to miss a semifinal. The issue is that everyone complains about the rule only after it affects them.


UEFA informed all 24 Football Associations of the rules months in advance. Just as the RFEF invests in top-quality transport, accommodation, and chefs for their team, they should speak up if they disagree with a policy.

Officials are not there to agree with the laws but to enforce them. Complaining after two defenders suspended is too late.

The Premier League is similar. Representatives from 20 clubs meet yearly to discuss changes. For instance, Wolves suggested scrapping VAR, but most clubs disagreed. Complaining is pointless if you don’t challenge the rules when you have the chance.

Toni Kroos


Toni Kroos, retiring at 34, surprised many who witnessed his recent performances. Some speculate this influenced leniency from officials during a recent match incident. Germany was moments away from a penalty shootout when a Spanish goal abruptly ended Kroos’ illustrious career. Players like Ronaldo, Pepe, Modric, Giroud, and Griezmann may also be taking their final bows after defining the last decade. Kroos’ legacy, with 34 trophies including 6 Champions Leagues, a World Cup, and 7 domestic titles, undeniably qualifies as world-class, a term often loosely used but fittingly earned in his case.


Amid exaggerated punditry during the tournament, only a few players have received rightful praise. At 41, Pepe became the oldest player in a European Championship, yet he’s not just a veteran presence—he’s been one of the tournament’s top centerbacks. In a memorable moment, he outran a 14-year younger opponent in extra time. His dedication to defending in an era that sometimes overlooks this skill has been truly inspiring. Even after winning the European Championship before, his emotional reaction upon Portugal’s exit shows what sets the greats apart—the relentless drive and passion they bring to every game.



In the recent matches, Ronaldo faced criticism unfairly. He aimed to score in the group stage against Slovenia for a record 6th Euros 2024 Quarterfinal goal. Facing France next, he showed professionalism by consoling Pepe and being gracious towards Portuguese fans. Despite missing chances, his effort was undeniable. However, manager Martinez’s decisions, like playing a 39-year-old Ronaldo for full matches, raised questions, especially after already qualifying. It seemed like Ronaldo’s influence affected game time decisions, possibly due to Martinez’s admiration or pressure. The situation reflects a larger transition in managing Portugal’s team dynamics, with young talent like Goncalo Ramos sidelined in critical matches.


Despite criticism, Southgate deserves credit for England’s achievements. In recent memory, English players haven’t shown the mental toughness to come back in knockout games, nor have they displayed such confident penalty-taking. Each of the five penalty takers—Palmer, Bellingham, Saka, Toney, and Trent—handled the pressure with their own unique stories and succeeded. This reflects the team’s strong character, despite ongoing scrutiny.



Southgate’s key strength over the past 8 years has been his diplomatic approach, fostering a close player-media relationship. Criticism has deeply affected him and his team this tournament. While he respects differing opinions, he believes some criticism has crossed into hysteria. He defended England’s draw luck and playing style, cautioning against entitlement and arrogance. Southgate also highlighted that historically, England struggled against teams like Ireland, Sweden, Romania, and others in past Euros, showing parity or better records.


During this tournament, fans from various nations have shown hysteria, possibly reflecting a generation accustomed to instant gratification via the internet. Some fans exhibit entitlement, believing their country should win and demanding both results and a specific style of play. Now, some are even criticizing broadcasters like the BBC for being too positive about England’s progress to the semifinals. Critics accuse the Match of the Day panel of being instructed by the BBC to avoid negativity. Throughout the tournament, there have been calls to drop players like Kane, Bellingham, Saka, Foden, Trippier, and Walker, despite England’s semifinal achievement. This raises questions about the expectations and satisfaction of modern viewers.



A 53-year-old former BBC employee, given a microphone after nearly two decades, repeatedly criticized Harry Kane for dropping too deep and urged Gareth Southgate to make substitutions sooner during Euro 2024. His commentary resembled that of a disgruntled pub-goer or a YouTuber, rather than a former professional player with experience captaining his country in Euro 2000.

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