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Will Cristiano Ronaldo Be Benched? Portugal’s Strategy for Euro 2024 Revealed



Cristiano Ronaldo

Martinez emphasized the crucial role Cristiano Ronaldo plays for the Portugal team, despite being 39 years old. Ronaldo from Al-Nassr, played the entire 90 minutes in Tuesday’s match against Czechia. Despite that his team scored a late goal to secure 2-1 victory. However, Ronaldo himself did not score in this match.

Martinez Emphasizes Ronaldo’s Vital Role in Portugal Squad:

During a press conference before the upcoming match against Turkey, Martinez mentioned Cristiano Ronaldo’s experience. He pointed out that Ronaldo played many minutes in last season. Martinez also highlighted Ronaldo’s unique achievement. He is the only player in football history which played in six European Championships.

Understanding a player’s contribution to the team is crucial. Cristiano Ronaldo creates goal-scoring opportunities and adeptly exploits spaces on the field to create chances.

Cristiano Ronaldo is in the national team because he deserves it. Just look at his achievements and his performances in recent competitions.


Seeing Full Picture:

During the 2022 Qatar world cup, Cristiano Ronaldo faced scrutiny over his role in the national team. Despite score only one goal in three group stage matches, he dropped from the start lineup. His replacement Goncalo Ramos seized the opportunity and made a significant impact by scoring a hat trick in match.

This decision raised questions about Ronaldo’s contribution and effectiveness. Especially given his illustrious career with Real Madrid and Manchester United. It sparked discussions about team dynamics and the balance between experience and emerging talent on the world stage.

What Lies Ahead for Ronaldo?

It determined if Cristiano Ronaldo will be included in the starting lineup against Turkey. Both teams secured victories in their initial Group F matches. By setting the stage for an eagerly anticipated showdown at the Signal Induna Arena on Saturday.

Ronaldo’s possible role in the upcoming match has ignited speculation and interest with fans. Further, analysts alike eagerly awaiting the lineup decisions that will define this pivotal encounter in the tournament.

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