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Why? Lionel Messi Reveals His Passion for American football



Lionel Messi Spoke in a recent interview on MBC’s Big Time Podcast. Messi affirmed his self-awareness and readiness to recognize the American football.

Lionel Messi Says: ‘I am Learning about American football, Getting it interesting and Loving Every Bit!’

Messi also talked about how much he loves the game. He said, “As long as I feel good, I’ll keep playing because I just love competing.” He’s all about that competitive spirit!

He also stressed the importance of family, mentioning how he plays games and acknowledge about American most favorite game with his three sons.


Transitioning to lighter topics, Messi talked about his favorite shows. He admitted he’s a big fan of American Football and study about it in free times.

Messi also affirmed his self-awareness and readiness to recognize the right moment to retire: “I am someone who is self-critical. I know when I play well, and I know when I play badly. When I feel like it’s time to retire I will do it without any hesitation.” Continuing on his future in football, Messi highlighted his enduring passion for competition, saying: “As long as I feel good, I will always try to continue competing because that is what I love.”

Gridiron is most favorite in USA.

American football is nicknamed “gridiron.” It’s a popular sport not just in the United States but also in English-speaking countries like the United Kingdom, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia, where other types of football are also loved.

American football has roots in both rugby and soccer. Similar to rugby involves two teams battling for control of a ball, aiming to either kick it through goalposts or carry it into the opponent’s goal area to score points.


American football holds the title of the most watched sport in the United States, drawing in the largest broadcast viewership audience compared to any other sport.