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Unlocking Success, How Dan Hurley Could Propel the Lakers to Victory



Dan Hurley

If Dan Hurley decides to leave his coaching position at UConn to join the Los Angeles Lakers. So, he will need to pay UConn $1.875 million. This is because of a contract agreement.

However if he chooses to take another coaching job in college basketball. The cost could be higher for him or his new employer. This is an important consideration for both Hurley and any team interested in hiring him.

Last year Dan Hurley signed a contract worth $32.1 million for six years, until March 2029. According to a document obtained by Sportico, if Hurley decides to leave before his contract ends, there are two different payment plans. If he takes a job with an NBA team, he would owe UConn $1.875 million.

However if he leaves UConn for another college coaching job he will owe much larger sum of $7.5 million. These terms provide clarity on the financial implications for Hurley and any potential new employer.


Including buyout clauses in coaches contracts is a standard practice for colleges to safeguard. Which is against coaches become more desirable and potentially leave for other jobs. Dan Hurley has been coaching the Huskies for six years now. During which time he guided UConn to four NCAA tournaments.

Notably he achieve the team to consecutive national championships in 2023 and 2024. These achievements enhance his profile. By making it crucial for UConn to have measures in place to protect their investment in him.

It’s unusual for buyout clauses to differentiate between college and NBA positions. Especially since Dan Hurley’s previous contract with UConn didn’t have this distinction.

Dan Hurley of UConn has become the most sought-after coach in basketball.
Dan Hurley of UConn has become the most sought-after coach in basketball.

Typically, the team hiring the coach covers these fees, which adds to the considerations when pursuing their preferred candidate. For instance, when UConn brought on Hurley in 2018, they covered his $1 million buyout from Rhode Island.

Additionally, they included terms in his contract to offset any tax obligations related to that payment. This practice illustrates how schools navigate the financial aspects of coaching transitions.


Understanding Dan Hurley’s Departure Costs from UConn:

If Dan Hurley were to depart from UConn, his financial arrangements would come into play.

Termination DateDivision I Coaching JobNBA Coaching Job
4/1/23 – 3/31/24$10M$10M
4/1/24 – 3/31/25$7.5M$7.5M
4/1/25 – 3/31/26$3M$3M
4/1/26 – 3/31/27$2M$2M
4/1/27 – 3/31/28$1M$1M
4/1/28 – 3/31/29$0$0
Table from Hurley’s Employment contract 2023

The Lakers wants Hurley to be their next coach according to a report from ESPN on Thursday morning. They are getting ready to offer him a big, long lasting contract, but they have not said exactly how much.

The most money coaches make in the NBA is over $10 million. Which is more than what the highest paid college coach, Bill Self from Kansas, makes. Gregg Popovich from the San Antonio Spurs makes the most at $16 million. Monty Williams from the Detroit Pistons comes next at $13.1 million.

Hurley signed a contract last June after winning his first NCAA title but before his second. He made around $4.9 million past year including a $500,000 bonus got in November for staying with the team. On top of that he earned a $500,000 bonus for winning the national title and a few other bonuses based on his performance.


ESPN mentioned that the Lakers have reached out to Hurley already. However, there hasn’t been any response from the Lakers yet. Hurley hasn’t replied to an email sent to his UConn address either.

Earlier this year, when Hurley was asked if he might leave UConn, he made a joke. He said he wouldn’t want to ask his wife, who’s from New Jersey, to move. He then said his main focus was on winning a third national title in a row. Hurley mentioned how he had to convince his wife to move to Rhode Island, and then to Connecticut.

Further, Hurley joked that he had managed to get her closer to New Jersey by moving to Connecticut. He added that he couldn’t afford a divorce right now because he had only recently started earning good money.