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Tennis fan’s Goodbye to Andy Murray and Cheer British talents



Tennis fans say goodbye to Andy Murray

Andy Murray will play doubles in his last Wimbledon but fans are also very excited to see younger players. While some think of this as choosing a new prime minister at Wimbledon thousands lined up to say goodbye.

He will play doubles together with his older brother Jamie in his very last Wimbledon appearance this week. There have been hopes he could compete in singles but he take back on Tuesday due to the fact he had not recovered from back surgical treatment.

On Thursday morning simply after the gates opened at 10am, about 12,000 human beings were looking forward to tickets. Stephen Young was eager to see Murray’s final Wimbledon. He is my No. 1.

He always will be, he said after joining the queue at 5am.He traveled from Glasgow to London with his wife and daughter for the tournament. On Wednesday his daughter waited in line early to get tickets.


The family returned on Thursday to see Murray’s last Wimbledon match. It’s sad but he had a tremendous career and we’re very proud of him. All of Scotland is Young said. It’s a shame that his injuries started just as he was at the top of his game. I am sure he devastated but what a career he had.

On the women’s side , it’s brilliant. I think the men have been a bit disappointing this year. He added. While it’s good that a Brit will advance it’s disappointing that one will eliminated. The pair also caught Murray fever. The whole place buzzes when he’s here, said John.

Among the Wimbledon veterans in the queue were newcomers like Alex Nairn , 22 who traveled from Edinburgh to see Murray play for the first time. It’s a once in a lifetime experience, she said.

If she couldn’t get Centre Court tickets. She hoped to watch Murray on Henman Hill where large screens will show the match. It’ll be fun no matter how he plays, she said.Nijla Mingo , 32 and Emeka Ezugwu , 37 from New York got in line at 5am.


We thought we were early but we’re about number 3,000 , Ezugwu said.Ezugwu who is British but lives in the US added, Andy Murray is around my age.

It’s great to see a British icon. Hopefully he’s strong enough to go far in the tournament.

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