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Sydney Shopping Center Horror, 5 Killed, Others Injured in Knife Attack



People are led out from the Westfield Shopping Centre where multiple people were stabbed in Sydney, Saturday, April 13, 2024. The Sydney Morning Herald reported that four people.

Five people died and many others got hurt when a man attacked them with a knife at a shopping center in Sydney, Australia. Many families got terror in knife attack. Police shot and killed the attacker. The incident happened at Westfield Bondi Junction around 4:00 pm local time.

At a press conference on Saturday, Anthony Cooke, the assistant commissioner of the New South Wales police, spilled the beans. He said a cop showed up and took out the guy causing trouble at the Westfield Bondi Junction mall.

So, Cooke spilled some more info at the presser. He said quite a few folks got taken to the hospital, and some of them are in pretty bad shape, like serious or critical condition. But here’s the kicker: seems like the troublemaker was flying solo. Cooke reckons there’s no more danger lurking around, so folks can breathe easy.

Preliminary investigations indicate that this individual acted alone. We believe there is no ongoing danger, Cooke stated. He also mentioned that the police haven’t found any reasons behind the attacker’s actions yet, but they are considering all possibilities.


After the attack, eight people, including a nine-month-old baby and her mother, were quickly taken to the hospital.

A major incident is unfolding at Sydney’s Bondi Junction amid reports of multiple stabbings and a possible shooting.
A major incident is unfolding at Sydney’s Bondi Junction amid reports of multiple stabbings and a possible shooting.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese shared on X that he got information about the “very sad events in Sydney.”

He said, “We deeply feel for those who were hurt, and we appreciate those who are caring for them, along with our brave police and emergency workers.”

Sydney attacker:

Pictures and videos from inside the mall revealed a man who attacked wearing shorts and a sports shirt. He was holding a knife covered in blood the blood stick to knife after knife attack. Some people in the mall tried to block him using large posts called bollards. Videos also captured people lying on the ground; meanwhile, emergency helpers were seen trying to help one person by giving CPR.

Inside the mall, a young woman witnessed the chaos unfold as the knife attack started. She described seeing a woman lying on the ground inside one of the shops.


“I didn’t get a good look at the attacker because I was running for safety,” she recounted, emphasizing the urgency of the situation. But it was just complete madness. I never expected anything like this to happen.

Her account reflects the fear and confusion that gripped those present during the terrifying incident.

Another person who saw what happened explained that she and her husband were in a shop when things suddenly turned chaotic. They were lucky to get away safely by locking themselves in an office room.

She said, “We heard someone got hurt down there, and everyone was trying to figure out what was happening.” Then suddenly, lots of people started running towards us, and we heard a loud noise.


The shopping center was really crowded when all this happened. News reports said many people were told to leave the shopping center. Videos showed police securing the area and assisting those who were hurt.

The shopping center, which has six floors, is in the eastern part of Sydney, not too far from the main business area of the city.

The Race and the Cry:

A man injured in Sydney mall by knife attacks.
A man injured in Sydney mall by knife attacks.

Pranjul Bokaria had just finished her work and was out shopping when suddenly, a stabbing happened nearby. Scared, she rushed into a nearby shop and found safety in a break room.

“It was really scary. Some people were crying and upset,” she told AFP.

When they were able to escape through an emergency exit along with other shoppers and staff, it led them to a quieter street away from the chaos.


“It was chaos. People were running everywhere, and there were lots of police around,” she said.

She felt lucky to be alive and safe.

Reece Colmenares was on her way to the gym when she saw people running and screaming past her. They said there had been a stabbing, so she ran into a hardware shop with others.

“They took us to a room and closed the shop,” she said.


“It’s scary because there were kids, elderly people, and some in wheelchairs.”

As night fell, many police and ambulances were still outside the shopping area, ready to help those in need.

The sound of police sirens and helicopters filled the air.

Police locked down the mall and instructed people to stay away.


Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese shared his sadness and shock on social media.

“Sadly, there have been multiple casualties. Our hearts go out to those affected and their families,” he wrote.

Attacks like these are rare in Australia, where violent crime rates are usually low.

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